Old Journal Post #1

I read today the final chapter of The Purpose-Driven Life.  I was encouraged to write out a Life Purpose Statement.  I think I would like to do this in the near future.

I also read Acts 15, in which Peter states Gentiles do not need to obey the law of Moses and be circumcised in order to be saved.  Also, Paul & Barnabas part company in this chapter.  I tend to agree with the commentary that both Paul & Barnabas were wrong — I’m not sure there could have been such a great schism without pride on both sides.  How sad.

Larry Menegay has cancer and is very upbeat about God’s plans.  I’m not sure how to pray.  I ahve really moved to a feeling that we must pray for God’s will to be done — although it will be done even without my prayers.  When I make a request to God, am I not saying that I think this would be best?  I struggle with the concept that I am substituting my own judgment for God’s.  But it seems right to pray for opportunities to share the gospel.  I am struggling with this right now.  I hope clarification will come soon.


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