Old Journal Post #2

Now that I have begun my journal, I am having a hard time remembering why I wanted to do it. Satan’s attacks are crafty. Last night, we took the kids to see the Nutcracker and I was happy with my ability to resist temptation. Actually, not my ability, but God’s provision. I love Gina immensely and do not want any harm to come to her. Intellectually, I know that sin also hurts Jesus, but I am honestly more concerned about hurting Gina than I am about hurting God. This indicates to me that my priorities are still not right. This must be why the gift of singleness was so important to Paul.  I will probably always struggle with my desire to honor Gina more than God.  Help me with this, Lord.  Please!

I read Acts 16 today.  What a great book Acts is.  I can feel it calling me to the mission field — not necessarily foreign or long-term, but some mission to reach out for God.  I was surprised byt he implication of Luke’s joining with Paul, Silas, and Timothy, without it being explicit.

I think I would like to see about Caleb being baptized over Christmas weekend, while Mom, Dad, and Mom-mom will be here.  Caleb believes in God and knows that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to Earth to die for our sins.  I need to verify whether Caleb knows that the only way to be saved is to trust Jesus.

On a secular note, I would like to get Gina a non-traditional Christmas tree — either a Saguaro or a Mesquite tree, that could then be planted in our front yard after Christmas.

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