Old Journal Post #5

Today I read Acts 19.  Two things stood out to me: (1) the use of relics for healing, and (2) the order of belief, baptism, laying on of hands, and receipt of the Holy Spirit.  The commentary really doesn’t spend much time on the relics, but does a great job of explaining the baptism/belief/Holy Spirit cycle.

Yesterday, I admitted (tersely) to Gina that I struggle with doubts that I have just been brain-washed into believing.  I want God to take these doubts away, or to give me more experiences that I can combat the doubts with.

I want it to be God’s will that Mom-mom comes to visit.  Both Caleb & Meagan have been praying for it;  I don’t want their hopes crushed.  I also would love to see Mom-mom at least one more time.


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