Old Journal Post #6

I am having difficulty concentrating this morning. I am a little tired and my mind keeps wandering to the FEB next week, to Warhammer, to the Rubik’s Cube, to my dream last night. I would like to be able to meditate on what I just read, but I slept through it.

Yesterday, we thought we might have won some money, but it turns out we “won” a trip for two to Florida. The trip will cost us $650 to book for the four of us and won’t include meals and can’t be booked anywhere near holidays. It makes me wonder what they think we won. For a while, I fantasized about winning the big prize — $50K, and how $12.5K would go to taxes, and another $5K would go to the church, but then we would have $32.5K to spend as we saw fit. We could finish saving for China, afford the vasectomy reversal, and still afford to pay down the 2nd mortgage or pay off the student loans. I thought it might be God’s provision for our farm. More to follow, breakfast is ready.


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