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Women & headcoverings

I have been doing two things:  (1) writing a “What I Believe” page that details what I believe to be truth, and (2) reading through I Corinthians, both of which have led to today’s post:  I Corinthians 11:2-16 talks about women and their need to wear headcoverings when praying or prophesying as a recognition of the headship of man, of their subjection to man.  It is important to note that subjection does not indicate inferiority.  Although a woman is subject to her husband, she is not inferior.

I have not been in churches that have taught this, although I have seen occasional women honor this teaching.  Most of the time it seems to be ignored as a cultural instruction to those in Paul’s day or the long hair of the woman fulfills the requirement of a headcovering.

A couple things that the commentary I use says that have convicted me to pray and think on this further.  The commentary I use is the Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald.  First, it says, “Some think that the instruction given here was applicable only to Paul’s day.  Some even go so far as to contend that these verses reflect Paul’s prejudice against women, since he was a bachelor!  Still others simply accept the teaching of this portion, seeking to obey its precepts even if they do not understand them all.” (Emphasis in original).  The other thing pointed out by the commentary is: “Does Paul mean that the things he has just been saying are not important enough to contend about? Does he mean that there was no such custom of women veiling their heads in the churches?  Does he mean that these teachings are optional and not to be pressed upon women as the commandments of the Lord?  It seems strange that any such interpretation would ever be offered, yet they are commonly heard today.  This would mean that Paul considered these instructions as of no real consequence, and he had just been wasting over half a chapter of Holy Scripture in setting them forth!”

Of course, I don’t know what to do next if I become convicted on this but my wife does not.  That would be a strange result, would it not?

So, here is what I believe this portion of scripture teaches, without addressing whether it still applies today:  God is the head of Jesus, Jesus is the head of man, man is the head of woman.  This is the natural order of things.  Man is not to cover his head as this would be a covering of his glory — a covering of Jesus.  In the same way, woman is to cover her head as an acknowledgement of  her subjection to man.  The headcovering rules only apply when prophesying or praying.

Does this mean that when a woman wants to pray she must first find a headcovering?  I often pray in the middle of the night when I wake up and can’t sleep.  Must a woman find a headcovering at these times?  Or is she only to cover her head when she is in public, since the headcovering is simply an outward sign of an inward grace?


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February 2007 Training Plan

Training is done for February 2007!  I trained for a 12-minute mile-and-a-half, and it worked.  Next step is training for the half-marathon!

26 Feb PT TEST! (52 push-ups, 52 sit-ups, 1.5 miles in 11:34)
23 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.3 Ran a practice test at 12:02, did 52 push-ups, but only 34 sit-ups
22 Feb Outdoor run for 25 mins, less pain, no walking, most running was fairly high speed
21 Feb 3x800m @ 8 mph
20 Feb Outdoor run for 30 mins, but experienced pain from new shoes, some walking done on the return trip
19 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.3
16 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.0
14 Feb 2x800m & 2x400m @ 8 mph
12 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.0
9 Feb Valentine 5K @ Luke AFB (27:30)
7 Feb 2x800m & 1x200m @ 8 mph
5 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.0
2 Feb Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.0
31 Jan 2x800m @ 7.5 mph; 2x400m @ 8 mph
29 Jan Treadmill 30 mins @ 6.0

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Trip to Texas?

I would like to begin to prayerfully consider a trip to Texas in April.  On a Friday and Saturday, there is a course being taught at Homestead Heritage that I would very much like to attend.  I would also like to visit with my good friend, Chris, and attend their worship services.  Gina doesn’t seem to like the idea as it will push money away from our farm.  But I would really like the opportunity to visit Homestead again and observe them living out their lives as they are led by the spirit.  It would also be an opportunity to visit with my sister & nieces on the way out, and a chance for Caleb & Meagan to visit with their Grandpa, assuming he could meet us in Waco again.  Finally, we could stop by our good friends in Argyle, TX, on our way home.

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When can we move?

Our outlook really has changed here.  We used to think we needed for the adoption to be final before we could move to Nebraska.  But now it turns out that the only thing we now need to move to China is a job!  Based on my current leave balance, it looks like if I take no more leave for the rest of the year, I can go on ‘terminal leave’ on 1 September.  I’m not sure if there are any other benefits associated with a separation, such as time for moving household goods back to my home of record.  I still wanted to take some time off, though, in May or June to inspect our newly-acquired residence, so I probably won’t be going on terminal leave quite so soon.  Plus Caleb constantly asks me to take days off, right now he is pushing for me to take his birthday off.

So now we wait for word back from either Nemaha County or USCIS (as I think those are my best prospects).

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Job Search Continues

Whew!  Today I finally sent off two applications that I have high hopes about.  The first was a coverletter and resume to the Nemaha County Attorney, in hopes that I might be able to fill their recently-vacated deputy position.  When I spoke with the county attorney, he didn’t seem too encouraging, but I really feel that this position was communicated to me as a God-thing.  There is no other way I would/could have found out about it since it is still not an advertised vacancy. 

The other application I sent in is less crucial, but I applied for adjunct faculty positions with Peru State College in Peru, NE.  Peru is in Nemaha County, so it would be simple for me to complete my work in Auburn, then swing up to Peru to do some teaching. 

I can’t remember whether I communicated our good news from Monday yet or not, but on Monday Gina learned that if we leave the state of Arizona while our adoption is still pending, it will not impact our ability to adopt!  That means we don’t have to wait for the adoption to be final to move to Nebraska!  We are very excited — that is what has led to this renewed vigor in my job search.  As soon as I get a job offer, I will apply to seperate from active duty in the Air Force.  I still plan to be a reservist at Offutt AFB, though.  If I can’t get out early, I can still get out around 1 September!  It is exciting to think that we are only months away from reaching our dream!

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Septic problems

Today I need to make at least two phone calls.  First, I need to call the seller of the house in Nebraska, Normand, and talk to him about the septic tank problem.  I talked to Gina’s uncle, Rick, last night, and he is certain that we have a saturated drain field and that the drain field will need to be replaced.  Rick will help me install the new drain field when the time comes, but I don’t want to have to bear this expense all by myself.  I still need to talk to Gina about all this, too.

Second, I need to call the county attorney for Nemaha county and ask him if I can send him my resume.  I will send in my resume regardless, but I want to make contact first.

Gina will need to call Great Wall to see what impact our relocation to NE would have on the adoption process, if any.

I also need to go for a run today.  I am sure that Caleb will want to go along, and Meagan may also want to go along, which will complicate things and will make it very hard for me to get in a decent workout.  Oh well.  I could go running now, but I know that I won’t.

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Friday in NE

This morning I went to the airport to pick up the luggage that somehow made it to Omaha, even though my dad wasn’t able to (see post “Wednesday in NE”).  It was a relatively simple process, nothing eventful.

Then we went to lunch with Grandma and pushed off for home at 1200L.  We drove all through the afternoon and evening, reaching Liberal, KS at 2100.  Then we drove through the night to get home Saturday at about 10:30L.  What a long drive!

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Thursday in NE

Today is the day of the inspection — the whole reason we made this trip!  We decided to take Grandma along for the ride today and went down to Sterling, NE, where we had lunch at Scott’s Place.  It was a decent greasy-spoon restaurant.  It was enjoyable to start to enjoy the community.  After lunch, we went down to the property and walked around a bit.  I walked the perimeter of the property and poked around the barn a bit.  The NW acre or so of the property has been planted in alfalfa, but needs to be disked and re-seeded.  It was amazing to see the effects of the windscreen.  Where there was no windscreen, the snow was blown away down to the ground.

At 1:00, the home inspector was ready to talk to us.  He showed us the pumphouse, which has a heat lamp inside.  He said the pumphouse is a very nice one.  Normand said he normally turns on the heat lamp when the temperature will be below 0.  We also looked at the windmill briefly — it needs a new catwalk, new blades, the pump structure has cracked, and the well may have been blocked.  We will have to do quite a bit of work to get it going again.

One of the primary concerns for the inspector was that the walls of the basement have bowed in.  He recommended we make sure the gutters keep water away from the foundation, and that we also ensure that the ground around the home slopes away from the home (he wasn’t able to verify since the ground was covered with snow).   He wasn’t able to tell whether this foundation problem was a new problem or an old problem that had already been halted.

The other concern that came out was the wastewater systems on the property.  There is a graywater discharge that is seperate from the septic system.  This doesn’t bother me, but I do want to learn about ways to recycle/reuse graywater.  The septic system is giving me some troubles, though.  We need to get the septic tank pumped out and inspected.  There is a wet area about 200 feet south of the house that is in line with the septic discharge from the house.  I believe this wet area may be caused because the drain field is clogged.  When I was doing some research, I learned that one way to possibly counteract this problem is to leave the drain field dry for several months.  If we are delayed in moving to NE, and we have the septic tank pumped out, then wouldn’t the drain field remain dry for several months?

The home inspector we used was Bill Hubbell of Integrity Home Inspection (402-625-2370), located near Fremont, NE.  I would recommend him to anyone else needing a home inspection in eastern Nebraska.

After the home inspection, we headed north to Fremont, where we had dinner with Rick & Mary, Dick & Hazel, Josh & Sarah, Seth & his twins, and Dan & Patttye.  It was a great time.

We learned that Josh was named rookie of the year with NPDodge realty!

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Wednesday in NE

Wow!  The wheels came off on our itinerary.  Opa wasn’t able to make it out to Omaha.  He left his house at 0245 to head to the PHL airport for his 0600 flight to MSP.  He got there okay, but none of the NWA employees made it.  His 0600 flight was cancelled for weather.  He got onto the late flight, but was able to get on a middle flight standby.  We were all excited as he boarded his plane, because we really wanted him to be able to make it out, but then he spent four hours on the tarmac waiting to be de-iced.  After waiting for four hours, they cancelled his flight and taxied back to the terminal.  At the terminal, there still weren’t any NWA employees, just a sign telling him to call the 800 number.  He gave up and headed home, only to learn that his luggage had made it to Omaha!  Oh, and for his inconvenience in sitting on the tarmac for four hours, he got a voucher for $10 of airport food, so he grabbed a burger at BK (for $6!).

On Wednesday, I left Gina & the kids at her cousin’s house, and I went down to the property.  On the way down, I decided to run by the county seat first.  I went to the county courthouse and talked with the assessor, who gave me the names of my neighbors.  I then meandered up to the courtroom on the third floor.  It was really nice — they have done a good job updating it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a pic of it.  After sitting in the courtroom for a spell, I went down to the clerk’s office and started chatting with her about her various relatives who are B-52 pilots stationed at Minot.  Next thing I knew, she took me into the judge’s chambers because the judge is a former Air Force guy.  We chatted for a bit, and I learned that there is a vacancy in the deputy county attorney position in the next county over!  I will try to look into that early next week.  How exciting!  Wednesday night, we drove into Omaha and stayed with Gina’s paternal grandmother for the evening.

Following is a picture from Monday’s trip out to the land:

pond skating

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Tuesday in Nebraska

Today was Kelli’s Valentine’s Day party.  I had been planning on skipping the party, but last night we got 4 inches of snow in Lincoln and the forecasted temperature here was 17 degrees with a windchill of 0 degrees (25 mph wind).  I thought about going out to the Arbor Day place in Nebraska City, but ended up skipping it and just spending the day with the family.  I did get to drive a little on the streets of Lincoln with the snow on it and did some slipping and sliding.  My Golf did not want to start this morning.

After the party, I did some snow-blowing.  I have never done that before.  I have done plenty of snow shoveling, but snow-blowing was a whole new adventure.  I had a hard time getting used to the output tube, I kept getting very cold snow on my already cold face.  I also had a tough time with all the noise of the machine.  It was fun to do all that work, but it probably would have been better to have just used a snow shovel.  After I finished the second driveway, I used a snow shovel to finish it off, and I also went out to the edges using the snow shovel.  I remember being taught that you want a little grass showing on the edge of the driveway, because that gives a place for the melting snow to get into the grass.  If you don’t leave that edge of grass, the melted snow will turn into ice on the driveway.

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