Actions have consequences

This morning I had a great conversation with my 7 1/2 year old son. Last night at AWANA, he forgot to ask his leader a question. In order to complete a section of his book, he has to have three missionaries listed, then he has to pray for one of those missionaries for 16 days. The three missionaries are supposed to be provided by the AWANA leader. Well, he forgot to ask for missionary names, and every time he forgets to ask, that puts him another week behind in completing his workbook.

He was feeling very down about forgetting to do this last night, and was shedding a few tears. I asked him about why he was crying over it and what good crying does. I asked him if he wanted to pray about it and he said, “no.” Then I asked him if God could fix his problems. He said, “yes.” So I asked if he wanted the problems fixed. Again, he said, “Yes.” But he did not want to ask the one guy who could fix the problem for help. He told me that God couldn’t turn back time to allow him to ask his leader. I said that may be, although I am sure God can turn back time, if He wants.

So I asked my son if he remembers in Facing the Giants, when the team lost in the first round of the playoffs. When God wanted the team to continue in the playoffs, he didn’t turn back time to allow the team to play again, but this time win the game. No, he just allowed them to continue in the playoffs in His own way. God found a solution when no one else could.

Then I told my son that one of the hardest lessons to learn is that actions have consequences. When we forget to do something, there are consequences. Now it is his job to figure out a solution to his problems. I encouraged him to pray about finding a solution to his problem and we would talk again when I came home.

I hope and pray that my son can learn from this. I wish that he would have asked to pray about his problems and lay them before God for Him to work things out. Perhaps I need to be a better example for my son.


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