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Today we got our monthly email from Great Wall China Adoption, telling us where we stand in the adoption process. We filed our paperwork with the Chinese adoption agency last March, and have been waiting ever since. The paperchase leading up to our filing in March had lasted for about 8 months, starting in July 2005. So we have been waiting for eleven months now. The current length of time from filing to referral is 16 months and seems to still be lengthening. We are told that China is aware of the lengthening timeframe and is working to curtail it, so I am still hopeful that we will get a referral within 18 months, but that may be wishful thinking. If they continue to lengthen at their current pace, referral probably won’t happen until after the first of next year. Eighteen months would put our referral in September of this year. It looks like travel to China will occur 6-8 weeks after referral. I would REALLY like to have a new baby or two before the end of this year, but it will all happen in God’s good timing. Please pray for our patience. Waiting is SO hard.

I am beginning to think that we won’t try to leave Arizona until after we have completed our adoption, although my dear wife was going to see how much trouble it would be to change our state of residence during the adoption process.

Following is a series of photos of our homestead.  First, a view of our homestead with several surrounding homesteads — can you pick ours out?


Next, a zoomed-in view of our homestead — that’s our 78.68 acres right in the middle of the image, with the tree line that slices off its lower left (southwest) corner.  The homesite of 4.55 acres is located to the northeast, along the road on the eastern edge of our land.


This is the homesite.  You can make out the house and the barn.  There is a treeline along the north and west edges.  These aerial photos are from 1999, so things might have changed a little…



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