Monday in Nebraska

Yesterday, we left home at 0454 and started driving for Nebraska.  We were through Flagstaff by 0730 and started our long westward trek.  We reached Tucumcari in good time, with Gina helping out on the driving a little in the afternoon.  From Tucumcari we drove up through Dalhart, Texas, on US-54.  We had dinner at a Dairy Queen — not something we normally do, but we were getting hungry.  We even had a strawberry chocolate blizzard to share among the four of us!  We got to Liberal, Kansas, around 2100L and things really slowed down.  We got stuck in fog the rest of the way through Kansas and Nebraska.  It was terrible — I couldn’t see anything.  When Gina was driving, she had a deer bound in front of her, but thankfully God protected us.  We switched off a few times through the night and parked in front of Gina’s aunt’s house in Lincoln at 0523L, about 23 hours of travel later.

We napped from 0545 to 0830, then got up and showered.  Gina took Meagan over to play with her cousin.  I took Caleb and his two cousins with me to our land.  We spent two hours walking around the land, exploring.  Actually, the boys spent probably the first hour playing on our frozen pond.  After an hour, we walked over to the back side of our land and ate some lunch in among the trees.  I saw tons of deer prints and droppings, including buck droppings.  We also saw what I think was the same rabbit twice.

After two hours, it started to rain very lightly and became just miserable, so I decided to quit.  We walked up to our well and I let the boys into the stock-watering tank for a bit.

 Overall, I think we had a good time.  I need to spend some time learning before I go back out tomorrow.  Maybe I should look into getting a tree-identification book tonight at the library or bookstore?


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