Nebraska Itinerary

Sunday – depart home at 0400, reach Flagstaff by 0600, turn east on I-40, heading to Tucumcari by 1300. In Tucumcari, leave I-40 to head northeast on US-54 through Liberal, KS, to Pratt, KS, where we will pick up KS-61 North to McPherson, KS, where we will be able to get on I-135. We should be to McPherson by midnight Sunday.

Monday – continue north on I-135 to US-81 North, arriving in Lincoln around 0500. After a morning nap, I would like to head out to the property later that morning for some walking around — we can also plan on visiting the county courthouse, if we want. We need to talk to the folks at the USDA, since they wrote us a letter after we bought our land, asking for our social security numbers. Return to Lincoln that evening.

Tuesday – I think there is a Valentine’s party on Tuesday. I would like to go back to the property to walk around and take more photos. The kids may stay with my wife in Lincoln. I also could plan on bringing a suit and introducing myself to attorneys in the local area.

Wednesday – Today Opa will be flying into Omaha at 11:28, so we will go to Omaha, switch the car for the van, and pick Opa up at the airport, then drive down to the land for some walking around. After sundown, we will head back to stay in Fremont. Maybe we can take Grandma down to the land with us this afternoon.

Thursday – This is the day of the home inspection. The inspector wants to be able to do the inspection without us tagging along. After the inspection, he will show us what he found. We will probably spend part of the morning, then, with Mary & the boys in Fremont, then head down to the land. After the inspection, we may want to take care of items that need caring for. Then we will head back to Omaha for the night.

Friday – we visit with Grandma in the morning, then drive Opa back to the airport for his departure at 10:10. After he leaves, we can drive by our land for some more fun before we start the long drive back home, in the van.


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