Wednesday in NE

Wow!  The wheels came off on our itinerary.  Opa wasn’t able to make it out to Omaha.  He left his house at 0245 to head to the PHL airport for his 0600 flight to MSP.  He got there okay, but none of the NWA employees made it.  His 0600 flight was cancelled for weather.  He got onto the late flight, but was able to get on a middle flight standby.  We were all excited as he boarded his plane, because we really wanted him to be able to make it out, but then he spent four hours on the tarmac waiting to be de-iced.  After waiting for four hours, they cancelled his flight and taxied back to the terminal.  At the terminal, there still weren’t any NWA employees, just a sign telling him to call the 800 number.  He gave up and headed home, only to learn that his luggage had made it to Omaha!  Oh, and for his inconvenience in sitting on the tarmac for four hours, he got a voucher for $10 of airport food, so he grabbed a burger at BK (for $6!).

On Wednesday, I left Gina & the kids at her cousin’s house, and I went down to the property.  On the way down, I decided to run by the county seat first.  I went to the county courthouse and talked with the assessor, who gave me the names of my neighbors.  I then meandered up to the courtroom on the third floor.  It was really nice — they have done a good job updating it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a pic of it.  After sitting in the courtroom for a spell, I went down to the clerk’s office and started chatting with her about her various relatives who are B-52 pilots stationed at Minot.  Next thing I knew, she took me into the judge’s chambers because the judge is a former Air Force guy.  We chatted for a bit, and I learned that there is a vacancy in the deputy county attorney position in the next county over!  I will try to look into that early next week.  How exciting!  Wednesday night, we drove into Omaha and stayed with Gina’s paternal grandmother for the evening.

Following is a picture from Monday’s trip out to the land:

pond skating


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