Thursday in NE

Today is the day of the inspection — the whole reason we made this trip!  We decided to take Grandma along for the ride today and went down to Sterling, NE, where we had lunch at Scott’s Place.  It was a decent greasy-spoon restaurant.  It was enjoyable to start to enjoy the community.  After lunch, we went down to the property and walked around a bit.  I walked the perimeter of the property and poked around the barn a bit.  The NW acre or so of the property has been planted in alfalfa, but needs to be disked and re-seeded.  It was amazing to see the effects of the windscreen.  Where there was no windscreen, the snow was blown away down to the ground.

At 1:00, the home inspector was ready to talk to us.  He showed us the pumphouse, which has a heat lamp inside.  He said the pumphouse is a very nice one.  Normand said he normally turns on the heat lamp when the temperature will be below 0.  We also looked at the windmill briefly — it needs a new catwalk, new blades, the pump structure has cracked, and the well may have been blocked.  We will have to do quite a bit of work to get it going again.

One of the primary concerns for the inspector was that the walls of the basement have bowed in.  He recommended we make sure the gutters keep water away from the foundation, and that we also ensure that the ground around the home slopes away from the home (he wasn’t able to verify since the ground was covered with snow).   He wasn’t able to tell whether this foundation problem was a new problem or an old problem that had already been halted.

The other concern that came out was the wastewater systems on the property.  There is a graywater discharge that is seperate from the septic system.  This doesn’t bother me, but I do want to learn about ways to recycle/reuse graywater.  The septic system is giving me some troubles, though.  We need to get the septic tank pumped out and inspected.  There is a wet area about 200 feet south of the house that is in line with the septic discharge from the house.  I believe this wet area may be caused because the drain field is clogged.  When I was doing some research, I learned that one way to possibly counteract this problem is to leave the drain field dry for several months.  If we are delayed in moving to NE, and we have the septic tank pumped out, then wouldn’t the drain field remain dry for several months?

The home inspector we used was Bill Hubbell of Integrity Home Inspection (402-625-2370), located near Fremont, NE.  I would recommend him to anyone else needing a home inspection in eastern Nebraska.

After the home inspection, we headed north to Fremont, where we had dinner with Rick & Mary, Dick & Hazel, Josh & Sarah, Seth & his twins, and Dan & Patttye.  It was a great time.

We learned that Josh was named rookie of the year with NPDodge realty!

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