Septic problems

Today I need to make at least two phone calls.  First, I need to call the seller of the house in Nebraska, Normand, and talk to him about the septic tank problem.  I talked to Gina’s uncle, Rick, last night, and he is certain that we have a saturated drain field and that the drain field will need to be replaced.  Rick will help me install the new drain field when the time comes, but I don’t want to have to bear this expense all by myself.  I still need to talk to Gina about all this, too.

Second, I need to call the county attorney for Nemaha county and ask him if I can send him my resume.  I will send in my resume regardless, but I want to make contact first.

Gina will need to call Great Wall to see what impact our relocation to NE would have on the adoption process, if any.

I also need to go for a run today.  I am sure that Caleb will want to go along, and Meagan may also want to go along, which will complicate things and will make it very hard for me to get in a decent workout.  Oh well.  I could go running now, but I know that I won’t.

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