Job Search Continues

Whew!  Today I finally sent off two applications that I have high hopes about.  The first was a coverletter and resume to the Nemaha County Attorney, in hopes that I might be able to fill their recently-vacated deputy position.  When I spoke with the county attorney, he didn’t seem too encouraging, but I really feel that this position was communicated to me as a God-thing.  There is no other way I would/could have found out about it since it is still not an advertised vacancy. 

The other application I sent in is less crucial, but I applied for adjunct faculty positions with Peru State College in Peru, NE.  Peru is in Nemaha County, so it would be simple for me to complete my work in Auburn, then swing up to Peru to do some teaching. 

I can’t remember whether I communicated our good news from Monday yet or not, but on Monday Gina learned that if we leave the state of Arizona while our adoption is still pending, it will not impact our ability to adopt!  That means we don’t have to wait for the adoption to be final to move to Nebraska!  We are very excited — that is what has led to this renewed vigor in my job search.  As soon as I get a job offer, I will apply to seperate from active duty in the Air Force.  I still plan to be a reservist at Offutt AFB, though.  If I can’t get out early, I can still get out around 1 September!  It is exciting to think that we are only months away from reaching our dream!


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