Wonderful news

Okay, okay!  I admit it.  The pressure is getting too much to bear.  We are so excited we can’t hold back anymore.  We kept the news to ourselves for a whole week, though.

We’re having a baby!

Of course, this early we don’t know much, but we do know that the due date is November 11, 2007.  That is an interesting date, because it is also when my commitment to the Air Force is up.  So now we don’t know what we are going to do.  Should we stay in the Air Force for a few more months so we can have our baby for free?

Also, Gina really wanted to use a midwife for this delivery.  It looks like there is only one Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in the Phoenix area that accepts our insurance, and apparently CNMs may have to deliver in a hospital, which is one of the aspects of delivery Gina wanted to avoid this time around.  Gina asked her friend about the lay midwife that she used and learned that the lay midwife only cost about $2200.  So, we can either have the baby for free in a hospital, but this time using a CNM, or we can pay $2200 to have the baby at home.

For those who are curious, this hasn’t changed our adoption plans at all.  This will probably help make the waiting easier.  Based on their current rate of referrals, it looks like we can expect a referral in the earliest months of 2008 (two years after filing).

For now, I am torn between moving to Nebraska in September 2007, at our first opportunity, and waiting until March 2008 to move, after the baby is born, the adoption is final, and my promotion board results come out.  I am starting to lean heavily in favor of the Spring move, even though I really want to be there now!  Of course, the job situation may drive this harder than any other factor.  If I don’t have a job lined up in September, I won’t want to move then.  If I don’t have a job lined up in March, I won’t want to move, either, but by then I will be running out of time.


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2 responses to “Wonderful news

  1. audrey

    Congratulations! Are your children excited!

  2. Spencer

    Congradulations! Although it is unfortunate that I have to find these things out by reading your web site.

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