Last night, Caleb had his awards ceremony for his winter basketball league. It was painful to sit through — they stretched what should last ten minutes into 30. But Caleb got to bring home his trophy, which he is very proud of. Monday night, Caleb & I went to the Coyotes-Flyers game here in Phoenix. Caleb took a couple pics of the game: 102_1047.JPG 102_1048.JPG

We had a good time, Caleb brought a friend, so I didn’t get to sit by Caleb. For those who care, the Flyers flew right into the teeth of the Coyotes, losing 4-0. The tickets were free to us, courtesy of a co-worker, Jeff Scoular, of Pay It Forward.

In uploading pics from the game, I came across another story I should share with you. After winter basketball comes spring baseball. So Caleb & I were out throwing a hardball a couple weeks ago. He gets pretty scared of the ball, so I was trying to throw to his glove-hand side so he wouldn’t have to miss the catch and get nailed by the ball. Well, on the last throw of the night (it wasn’t going to be the last throw), my aim was a little off and I accidentally threw it at Caleb’s head. He missed the catch with his glove, but his eye socket stepped in and made the stop, so at least he didn’t have to run after the ball. Anyway, here is a pic.


I felt terrible for at least a week. Don’t worry — he’s all better now. He wants to do it again!


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