Log Cabin Homestead

Yesterday, I wanted to post a comment on the Log Cabin Homestead blog because it was such an encouraging post. I couldn’t leave a comment because they do not accept comments from folks who aren’t signed on to google, and I didn’t have a google account at the time. I will have to go into my work email account to finish signing up. The comment I wanted to leave was, “What a blessing it was to read your post! My family is considering taking the plunge much like you did years ago. We are moving to NE within the next year to live on 83 acres in a 1925 farmhouse. Keep trusting in the Lord, it blesses me to see your faith.” I encourage you to head over and read his most recent post.

In other news, closing was supposed to take place on Thursday — I wonder if it went through? I haven’t heard anything. If it went through, we will be done setting up our homestead, more or less. I doubt we will ever be done, but we will at least have a house, a barn, and lots of land. And to go with the homestead, we have a crippling mortgage. I have been feeling a bit bad about that loan, that maybe it indicates that we haven’t placed all the faith in God that we should have placed. I have read of others’ experiences in which they decided to wait on the Lord and were blessed beyond measure. Of course, I feel like we have been incredibly blessed just by the acquisition of our homestead with a ‘small’ mortgage. For now, we should be able to throw an extra $900/month against the mortgage, which should lead to payoff in under 6 years instead of the 15-year term.


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