When to move?

I just came back from meeting with a midwife.  My wife had the appointment, so I went with her.  What a relief it was to meet them — they were absolutely wonderful.  They will allow us to make the decisions we want to make.  I can’t even begin to express what a relief they were.  We have had two rough experiences with hospital births in the past and are so looking forward to doing a homebirth on our terms.

Obviously, one of the issues is that we will have to pay for this out of our own pockets — $2600.  But I am definitely in favor of paying the money because of the freedom it will give us.  It seems HMOs won’t cover licensed midwives because they are afraid they will be sued.  They only cover certified midwives who deliver in hospitals — something we aren’t interested in doing.

So now I don’t know what to do.  Our due date for the baby is 11 Nov.  My service commitment with the Air Force goes through 10 Nov.  Not a big deal for purposes of insurance, since my insurance wouldn’t cover the birth anyway.  But it is a big deal for us because we want to head to Nebraska as soon as possible.  We are so anxious to get started with our new agrarian life.  With all my saved vacation time (leave), I could leave Phoenix as early as 28 August to head up to Nebraska.  But these wonderful midwives then won’t be able to deliver our baby, since they don’t travel all the way to Nebraska to help with deliveries. 

We looked up Nebraska while at the midwives’ office and found out that there are no regulations of midwives in Nebraska, nor is homebirth prohibited.  But we haven’t had a very easy time finding a midwife in Nebraska who can assist with a homebirth.  We will keep looking, though.

So our dilemma now is whether we should still get out of Phoenix as quick as possible and head to Nebraska in early September or wait in Phoenix until our baby is born, then move to Nebraska.

Any thoughts?

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  1. It would depend on where in NE you plan on moving. I have a friend who has a midwife here. Email me and maybe I could get you some info.
    Another thought, November can be wicked weather here, so it’s always something to consider, but you just never know from year to year what it will be like.

    Kris- wife of a former AF member

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