Pretty Much Decided

Okay, we have pretty much decided when we want to move.  I want to extend my time on active duty through the end of November, to ensure that I remain insured through the birth of our baby.  Our due date is 11 November, so I am guessing the baby should be born before the end of November.  My best guess today is that I will be able to start my terminal leave on 15 September, assuming I take no more leave between now and then.  Any leave I use between now and then will obviously push our departure date back a little.

There is a half-baked plan right now to travel to NE in June, after our home is vacated, in order to lock up the house, transfer the car from Grandma’s in Ralston to the farm, and to move some household goods from AZ to NE.  My Dad is talking about joining us for that trip, but details have yet to be worked out.  I want to make sure I can claim movement of household goods that early.  Of course, I can’t wait to get started on the move.

With a move in mid- to late-September, my hope is to be settled so I can start work on 1 October.  Where?  Well, don’t I wish I knew.  I don’t know where I will be working yet; the search is still on.  My plan is to apply for a job as an Assistant US Trustee in Omaha, send my resume to my father-in-law, and recontact the Nemaha County Attorney, US CIS, and the Scudder Law Firm.  I also plan on submitting my application to be licensed in Nebraska very soon.


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  1. Not sure where you are moving to in NE, but have read your blog with interest.

    I live just over the KS/NE line. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist that lives in KS and practices in NE. I know a midwife (non-RN) who is supposed to be very good. She lives in Bird City, KS which is only 20 miles from NE. She might know someone close to where you are moving if you wanted to find a midwife here. She is a wonderful Christian–her husband is a youth pastor and I know several women here she has delivered who were very happy with her care. Just email me and I can get you her info.

    Many blessings, and good luck!

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