Job Offer

After months of sending in applications and resumes to various firms and institutions in Nebraska, I finally got a job offer — that I didn’t even apply or ask for!

I fully feel that it is God’s will that we move to Nebraska to live a country life.  I feel that God led us to the land that we found, that He allowed us to buy the land, that He arranged everything so that the house would go on sale at the right time, that He created the opportunity for us to buy that house.  God has allowed and led us to buy 83.23 acres in beautiful rolling land that includes a house and a barn.

But I am not one to lightly turn down a job offer.  Yesterday, I got a call from Air Force assignments, telling me that they have an opening in our Litigation section in Washington, DC.   It is a great job and would be a great opportunity for me to rub elbows with some very influential people.  The job is a duty-hours-only job and doesn’t include many late nights.  It is also work that most law firms can understand, allowing me to pad my resume.  The boss is a guy that I have worked for in the past, and really enjoyed working for.  I wouldn’t be working in the Pentagon, but in Rosslyn, VA, which is a few miles away.  I would be working in an office building, commuting to work on a train.  It would allow me to stay on active duty long enough for our baby to be born (midwifery is legal in Virginia), for our adoption to be completed, and for my promotion to take effect.  It would mean leaving Phoenix this summer!  It would also put me within driving distance of Polyface Farms and my extended family in Pennsylvania (although my parents will be on the mission field in Ukraine for the whole two years).

But it is not what we have been working toward.  We have been preparing to make a move to the farm.  And we have timelines all worked out — we are ready to go.  Except that we still don’t have a job.  And we aren’t sure that we will be able to have our baby be born at home.  And we don’t know how my change of job will effect our adoption.  My promotion should happen either way.  And we are looking at making our move in September, only 2-3 months later than the move to DC, and the move will be to our land in Nebraska, not to a rented house in Manassas.

I have prayed about this decision, but I haven’t seen the bolt of lightning that says Yes or No.  I need more time to pray and consider before I will feel confident.  If I have to answer today, this morning, I would say that we do not want the job.  Gina thinks this is a distraction.  Maybe she is right.  I feel that this could be a question of whether we will trust God to provide for us or if I will continue to lean on the crutch of my current employer.

Please pray for us.



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2 responses to “Job Offer

  1. A friend of mine emailed the following comment to me:

    I will fervently pray that God gives you the Wisdom, direction and assurance that you are seeking.

    This is just an observance and I don’t at all mean this as advice or to persuade you one way or another but I have been inspired and encouraged by you and your family in regards to having a God given dream/goal and putting your whole heart, soul, and strength into it. I know that you want the best for your family as you seek to do God’s will for your life.

    Psa 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
    I know that you and Gina delight in the LORD; what is your HEARTS DESIRE?


  2. And my Dad said this:

    Good talking to Don last night. So instead of just the two of you not sleeping, I also can be among the sleepless. Joke. I am glad you called, i don’t give much in direction because I know I am set in my ways. If I had wisdom I would give, but preference is not wisdom. I did pray for guidance for the two of you, which I am sure you need constantly as you prepare to shift gears in your way of life. God does give direction, we need to discern who is opening the door and what is the open door telling us. Nancy and I have faced what we saw as open and closed doors. Through prayer we can see God directing us and encouraging us through the many doors of opportunity or redirection.
    Peace be with you and your decision.
    Say Hi to the kids.
    Love all of you.
    In Jesus

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