A Journey Home

Thanks to the generosity of Herrick Kimball, we were able to enjoy a documentary tonight entitled, “A Journey Home,” produced by Franklin Springs Media. The movie features the Waller family — Tommy Waller was a successful manager with FedEx when several years ago he walked away from his job and bought some land in the country (my dream). His family then began to make a living in organic farming while living totally off-grid. Today, the Wallers have 11 children and live in Israel, where they have an agrarian ministry called Ha Yovel.

I found the movie to be inspiring. Tommy Waller had a God-given dream — he was led by God to turn his back on the world and pursue a vocation where he could raise his boys (at the time he had five boys, he now has seven boys and four girls). We all should be strong enough to trust in the Lord and follow His lead. Some have stated that they would like to know how the Wallers made it work. It was obvious in the movie — they trust God and He provides.  Of course, if they paid cash for their house, their expenses would have been minimal: no mortgage, no utilities, most likely no insurance, they grew their own food, so their total expenses per year were probably less than $10,000.

Please check out previous reviews here and here, and look for the next review here.


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2 responses to “A Journey Home

  1. Jo

    Thanks for the review. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie!

  2. poststop

    I went back and watched the movie a few weeks ago after reading Herrick’s review. I have probably watched it 8 times. The reviews I have seen so far focus on the “how” which is not really what the movie is about. When I watch it I am struck by the powerful relationship between Tommy and his family. It is moving and inspiring.

    – Ethan

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