About ten days ago, we got a new dog.  She is a good-looking dog, I think, and is a cross between a german shepherd and a siberian husky.  She is very strong, fast, and energetic, being only 18 months old.  Because of her energy levels, I try to take her out for exercise most days, and I like her to get about 4 miles of running.  I think you can see when we got her on my training plan below, because I stopped skipping so many runs.


Here she is in the back yard.


As I mentioned, she is quite powerful.  She has knocked Meagan over while Meagan was trying to control her. Lucy has been causing us some amount of trouble.  Lucy is able to jump over our six-foot wall surrounding our back yard, making her difficult to contain.  She also runs alot faster than me and is only marginally obedient.  We tried keeping her in a kennel while we are away, but she tore up the bottom of the kennel.  The next day, she shredded the corner of our chair in the living room:


Now, this chair is Gina’s favorite and has been for years.  In response to this dastardly act, my son, Caleb, who has a heart of gold, wrote the following note to Gina:


If you can’t make it out, the note says, “Mom what Lucy did was bad but I will buy a new one.  love, Caleb”

Caleb has been saving his money for months now so that he can buy a rifle (a Ruger 10/22 to be exact).  He is one-third of the way to his goal.  The thought that he would sacrifice this goal to please his mother is heart-warming and heart-rending.  God has blessed us mightily!

Lucy is giving us troubles here, but I have a distinct feeling that she will love it on the farm.  With a mile-and-a-half perimeter, she will have plenty of land to roam, and plenty of rabbits to harass.  I only hope we can train her away from harassing the chickens.


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