Still Waiting to Move

Today I will submit my application for the part-time attorney position at Offutt AFB.  I am within 4 months of leaving Arizona now!  I am so excited about the prospect of moving to Nebraska and getting started on our country living.  We have been moving toward this for so long — it is so very exciting to be this close.

We decided a couple years ago that we wanted to start trying to live a more self-sufficient life.  We started out by reading John Seymour’s guide to self-sufficiency, which is probably one of the better books I have ever read.  We then discovered Joel Salatin’s books and I moved on to reading some of Gene Logsdon’s books.  We started to think about a move to the midwest to give this self-sufficiency a try.  Last March, we drove through Nebraska on our way home from Alabama, and Caleb played with his cousin, Tate.  They had such a great time playing together that I felt moved to move to Nebraska.  In September, we went to Nebraska to look for land.  We thought we wanted to live in the Fremont/Wahoo/Lincoln corridor, so that I would have easy access to Omaha and Offutt AFB.  But when we got there, land just wasn’t selling for what we wanted, until we found a newspaper ad for 78.68 acres of land selling for $1200 per acre.  When we went down there, it was so much of what we wanted.  It was almost all in pasture land, with the exception of some trees and a few ponds, which, again, was exactly what we were looking for.  Then we went to talk to the neighbor, and he told us that he was thinking of selling his house in the Spring!  Long story short, we ended up buying the pasture land in December and the house in March, so we are now the proud owners of 83.23 acres in Johnson County, NE.

God has truly blessed us, and we have felt his guidance throughout this process.


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