Father-Son Camping Trip

Last Thursday through Saturday, Caleb & I went camping together.  Our church was holding a men and boys camping trip, so we opted to join in on the fun.  On Thursday, I left work around noon and came home to pick up my son.  We then packed up my truck and drove to a friend’s house, where we picked up one each of a father and a son.  Then we went a little further down the road to pick up our chuch’s summer intern, a student at West Coast Baptist College.  The camping was not to take place in the valley, where temperatures reach over 100 degrees every day, but we went to Flagstaff, AZ, where the daytime highs are about 80 and the nighttime lows are near 40 (brrr)!  So we drove the 2+ hours to Flagstaff (elevation 7000 ft), arriving there at 5:00.  The first night we had a great time setting up our tent and doing a little bit of playing.

On Friday, the whole crew went out to Lake Mary for some fishing.  Many folks in our group dragged in some big pike, but we ended up throwing everything back.  Caleb spent a little time fishing, but he was using a borrowed pole that didn’t work too well, so it was a fairly frustrating experience for him.  I didn’t fish at all since I don’t have a license.  Friday afternoon, we came back to the campground to play around.  We first tried some target shooting with our 2 BB guns, but the meanest employee of the campground got really mad at us for having ‘weapons.’  So, after my blood stopped boiling, we (Caleb & I, our father-son friends, and two other teen boys) went down to the sand volleyball court and played our own distorted version of volleyball (we called it nuke ’em, and it allowed for one bounce, catching, and had strange out-of-bounds rules).

Saturday morning, Caleb & I got up early again and walked on a nature trail for a while — it was great to be outside walking around with Caleb.  I also picked up a bunch of aluminum cans to help Caleb with his savings plan.  We left the campsite mid-morning for the long drive home.

Each evening, we met and had some fellowship time, including songs, testimony, and prayer.  Pastor shared a little from the Bible, sharing the parable of the rich fool as our theme passage for the weekend.

Overall, it was great to get away from the fast pace of life here in the valley and spend time at a slower pace with my son.  He is such a precious gift from God.


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