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Plans & Goals

I was thinking today that we need to come up with some plans or goals for what we want our farmstead to look like in 5, 10, or 25 years.  This is partly because I love to dream, but mostly because I think it is important to do things today that fall within the overall framework of where we want to go.  In other words, I don’t want to plant fruit trees where I eventually want to have a garden.

I think I want to use the current front lawn for fruit and nut trees, obviously because I want to be able to get fruit and nuts from our land, but in that location because I want to eliminate the front lawn and there is no shade there that would interfere with the growth of the trees.

I think I want to put our garden to the South/Southeast of our home.  Again, there is no shade that would interfere there, the graywater currently discharges in that direction, so I should be able to recapture at least some of the graywater, and this area is still fairly close to the house.  I want to put a greenhouse in on the northern edge of the garden area, for seed-starting and for tool storage.  We also want to put in a root cellar, probably as close to the house as possible (NW corner of the garden area, directly across the driveway from the Kitchen door).  The root cellar would double as a storm shelter, probably.

Right now, there is a slab poured just outside the kitchen door that is for a garage.  I think it is just a one-car garage, though, and I would like a two-car garage, for the car and van.  The backyard can stay as a lawn — it has a sandbox right now, and it could easily have a swingset and other play items.  To the Southwest of the house, there is currently a collection of farm implements that I assume will be leaving with the previous owners.  To the west of the implements is the barn.  Just to the North of the barn is where I think I want my parents’ house to go.  To the North of the play yard is the chicken coop, and to the West of the play yard is where my parents’ house should go.  There is a field to the West of my parents’ homesite and to the West of the barn that has been used for alfalfa.  I’m not sure what we will use it for, but I think I would like to keep it available for some type of row crop or maybe farrowing sheds.

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