A Good Weekend

We had a very slow, relaxing weekend at our house.  We really didn’t do much of anything.  We went out Saturday morning to pick up our vegetables at the co-op, then went to lunch with a family I know from work.  Same thing Sunday morning, we went out to church, then went to lunch.  Both days, Gina & I spent hours playing a computer game called Heroes IV.  I know it was a colossal waste of time, but it allowed us to sit next to each other and enjoy a challenge.  We both tend to allow ourselves to lose alot of time on computer games.  Some big timewasters from our recent past have included SimCity and Railroad Tycoon.  I am hoping the farm life will cure us of this, but it probably won’t.

Over the weekend, I made a lot of progress in the book I am reading, “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote.  I also spent some time looking at how to arrange our farmstead and what work would need to be done this fall, when we get to our land.  I am a bit confused about when we should plant our fruit trees.  I have seen some say November (John Seymour) and others say March (John Jeavons).

This morning I studied Ephesians 4:7-16.  Part of the passage came back to one of the items I have been working on for my What I Believe page.  Following is an explanation I read this morning by Vance Havner:

Every Christian is commissioned, for every Christian is a missionary.  It has been said that the Gospel is not merely something to come to church to hear but something to go from the church to tell — and we are all appointed to tell it.  It has also been said, “Christianity began as a company of lay witnesses; it has become a professional pulpitism, financed by lay spectators!”  Nowadays we hire a church staff to do ‘full-time Christian work,’ and we sit in church on Sunday to watch them do it.  Every Christian is meant to be in full-time Christian service … There is indeed a special ministry of pastors, teachers and evangelists — but for what? … For the perfecting of the saints for their ministry.

There are three main sections of the above passage that are clearly distinguishable in my mind.  The first section refers to the idea that we are all missionaries.  Admittedly not something I have been dwelling on lately, although I have always liked the churches that have signs as you leave their parking lots that read, ‘Now Entering the Mission Field.’  That first section is also necessary for the conclusion eventually reached.  What I have been dwelling on is his idea that the NT church is supposed to be a gathering of believers, in a circle, to share their inspirations and troubles and triumphs.  There is no need for the professional pulpitist.

This morning I am off to PT — I will try again to run to PT and run home, although last week I had trouble with my energy level on the run home.  I have another long week of work ahead of me, but the end gets closer every week.


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