Job Search Continues

I only have about eleven weeks of work left now. I am still a bit anxious about finding a job — in fact, as you would expect, my anxiety is getting stronger. I have been job-hunting for about six months now and I have still been fruitless. I have considered posting my resume on this site, but I fear that may give away too much of my personal information. Although I guess others do it all the time. I have sent my resume to many employers now. I have applied with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services multiple times and only managed to get through the application process once. Every other time they rejected my application. Even when I got through the application process, I was told I had a good score, but I never got a phone call for an interview.

I have sent my resume to the attorneys practicing in Tecumseh, NE, the county seat, but only heard from the outgoing county prosecutor who was in the process of moving his practice to Beatrice, NE. I also sent my resume to a handful of Lincoln firms, but only received one rejection letter back.

In February, when we went to Nebraska for the home inspection, I visited with a local judge and he told me that the deputy county attorney in Nemaha County (Auburn, NE) had recently resigned. So I dutifully contacted the county attorney there. This seemed like a God-sent opportunity because the job sounded perfect and it was an opportunity I never would have heard about but for a series of bizarre circumstances that landed me in the judge’s chambers. I sent my resume, then they called and told me they wanted to interview me, then I haven’t heard from them since.

In May, there was a posting for a part-time contracts attorney at Offutt AFB. Another job that sounded just perfect. This time because it was part time, which would allow me to work my twenty hours in just 2-3 days and stay home the other 4-5 days and work on our farm. My guess is that the part-time pay would be enough to cover the mortgage payments. I sent in my application and even talked to people I knew who knew the person making the hiring decision, but I have yet to hear anything on that front either.

In June, I found a posting for a pro se law clerk with the federal district court in Lincoln or Omaha. Pro se means to represent your self, so this job would involve reviewing all pro se documents that come into the courthouse and briefing whatever legal issue the filer was trying to raise. As you might imagine, nonlawyers who participate in the legal process often miss the mark or don’t quite spend enough time on the analysis of their issues. The person who holds this clerk position effectively assists the pro se filer to get their filings on equal footing with those filed by their lawyer opponents.

I feel that I am being taught patience. I also feel like I need to do a better job of trusting in the Lord and waiting on Him. He will move in His time. He will make provision for my family.

Here is my Resume.  Please feel free to review it and make suggestions on what doesn’t make sense, what doesn’t make me sound like you would hire me in an instant, or to comment on what you like about it.  I especially appreciate comments from non-lawyers and non-military to see what the effect is on people completely different from me.

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