Whizbang Garden Cart Plywood Cutting

Yesterday afternoon, in our 107° garage, Caleb & I began carving up the ½” sheet of plywood and drilling pilot holes for screws. Caleb was committed to working with me at first, but it wasn’t really child’s work as we used the circular saw to make some long cuts. I offered Caleb the chance to make the fifth and final cut, but he declined. We now have four pieces of plywood that will make up the bottom and three sides of the cart. The fourth side will remain open. Next we had to mark and drill the location of the pilot holes. I did the marking and Caleb did the drilling, at least for the first side. The front end of the cart got eleven holes, but the two sides each got 31 holes! The drill was too large for Caleb to handle alone, so I helped him, and I think that frustrated him because he wasn’t doing it himself. He asked to do it alone at one point, and I obliged, but it was too much for him. I tried to help as little as possible. It was after this first board of drilling that Caleb got distracted by his sister riding her bike around. He eventually went inside and I finished up the sides myself, including making at least two mistakes on the first side.

On each side piece I was supposed to cut out a notch for the axle rod to go through that was ½” by 1″ — on the first side I made it ¾” by 1″ — hopefully not a big deal. The pilot holes, as they get drilled, are supposed to also be countersunk. But they aren’t all countersunk from the same side. I made a mistake on the first board and countersunk all holes from the same side, so I had to go back and I drilled new holes ½” lower and countersunk on the proper side — hopefully this won’t be a big deal, either.

Tonight I think I will set up my power miter saw so Caleb & I can cut the 2×4 and 4-1x4s down to size. There is also some ripping that needs to be done; something I will have to do with the circular saw. And I believe there is also some pre-drilling and countersinking as well. This should definitely be enough work for us tonight.

Last night, before the kids went to bed, I read another chapter of the Two Towers — the stairs of Cirith Ungol. They can’t wait until the book is done so they can watch the movie.

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