Whizbang Garden Cart Board Cutting, Part 1

Last night, we continued our work on the Whizbang Garden Cart by cutting up the one 2×4 and the four 1x4s.  There were to be four rough cuts on the 2×4, so I had Caleb mark the locations for the cuts, then I cut the first two cuts using the power compound miter saw my wife gave me as a gift years ago.  I then had Caleb cut the third cut and Meagan did the fourth cut.  After that, the kids disappeared while I started working the 1×4 cuts.  We completed all the straight cuts last night.

I mentioned that the cuts on the 2×4 were just rough cuts; each of the 5 pieces we created need to be cut down further.  All of the 2×4 boards need to be ripped to a narrower size, something I don’t know how to do without a table saw.  I need to figure out a way to do this without a table saw or I need to find a table saw I can use, because there is no way I can work a table saw into the budget for this garden cart.

Last night I also realized that the J-bead I picked up for this project does not have the holes every inch that it is supposed to have, so I am considering going back to Home Depot tonight to exchange the J-bead for what I need.

In other news, we have been seeing and feeling the baby move in Gina’s tummy!  She is at twenty weeks, so we are halfway.  I looks like 11 September will be our last day in Phoenix and 11 November is the due date!

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