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Ultrasound Today

You may have heard already that we had our ultrasound today. Getting the ultrasound created quite a dilemma for us. We were afraid of what the results might do to us. I was convinced that the baby would be a boy because we are adopting from China, and the adopted baby is going to be a girl, so I figured we would be having a boy now since that would keep everything even in the house between the boys and the girls. Gina also seemed to buy into this reasoning. I also thought there was other evidence, mostly in the form of Gina’s morning-sickness being of the boy-baby level. I have a theory that girl hormones reek extra havoc in their mommies. Caleb thought the baby would be a boy because he desperately wants a boy to play with, even though the boy will be 8½ years younger than him. Meagan was convinced the baby would be a girl because she desperately wants a girl to play with, even though her sister will be 6 years younger than her.

I am deeply convicted that attempting to control the rate of our pregnancies (when I got a vasectomy after Meagan was born) was a ginormous mistake/error/sin. We have since given our pregnancies back to God (in the form of a vasectomy reversal done last October by Dr. Cary Leverett, evidently successful). Because of my sin and pride, my children will now have a large gap in their ages and I have cheated myself out of the opportunity for additional arrows in my quiver. We are still waiting on our adoption from China to go through as our effort to make up for some of that lost time.

Our fear with respect to the ultrasound was that Meagan would be crushed by news that the baby is a boy and Caleb would be crushed by news that the baby is a girl. Gina and I are truly just excited to finally be adding to our family again — a healthy baby was all we really need to hear about; two would be even better. So we mulled it over for the last week whether we even wanted to know.

So today we went to the appointment. We walked in and the kids were still begging to know, so we made the decision: we wanted to know what gender our baby would be. So, can you guess it? If you went to my wife’s blog, you already know.

Oh, I forgot one other piece of evidence you might find interesting. Apparently, there are some interesting people out there who believe you can divine the gender of the baby by dangling your wedding ring on a string over the inside of your wrist. If the ring swings parallel to your arm, it means that you are having a boy. If it swings perpendicular, it means you are having a girl. This trick can recount all of the mommy’s past pregnancies, and even swings in a circle for past miscarriages. So, the scientific experiment was conducted on my beloved and it revealed that my wife is having A BABY BOY! Continue reading


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July 2007 Training

1 – 8 6-mile long run @ 9:30/mile (1:05)
2 – Rode bike to/from PT, ran 1.9 miles at PT
6 – Does Golf count?
9 – Rode bike to/from PT, ran 1.9 miles at PT
16 – Ran 2 miles (while collecting cans)
23 – Ran 2 miles (while collecting cans)
27 – Rode bike to/from PT, ran 1.9 miles at PT
30 – Rode bike to PT, ran 1.9 miles at PT, got flat tire on way home, walked 2+ miles

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44 days

With just 44 days left until my last day at work, I am at a loss for things to do in preparation for the big move.  We have almost worked out the choreography for our trip, including when I will take the pick-up to Nebraska, when the moving truck will come and go and when it needs to get to NE, when we will move out of our house and into a hotel for the moving days.  We don’t want to go public with the days because our neighborhood is a bit prone to stealing, so we don’t want to take the chance that the 2-3 people who will look at this blog between now and then might know someone in our neighborhood.

The transition has been moving slowly — I have changed the address on my resume to reflect the Sterling address.  I am contemplating changing my phone number from a Phoenix number to a Nebraska number.

Gina’s dad is planning to help out quite a bit with the move, which should be nice.

Yesterday, Caleb & I ‘finished’ putting together the Whizbang Garden Cart.  It is now a functional cart.  We still need to put the finishing touches on it, though, including a handle, and sanding, sealing, and staining it.  It should be picture-ready before we leave!

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Root Cellar Ideas

One of my desired projects on the farm will be the building of a root cellar so we can naturally store food.  I have been reading the book Root Cellaring by the Bubles, and I have been thinking of possible locations for the root cellar, and I see four basic possible locations, listed from simplest to most complex:

1.  We could partition off a corner of the basement and insulate it from the heat of the house.  This is the easiest, cheapest, and also least reliable.

2.  The initial vision I had of the root cellar was to put it to the south of the house, with the entrance facing North, so that when Gina walks out the kitchen door and crosses the driveway, she reaches the root cellar.  This would probably be a fairly straightforward application and would be cost-effective.

3.  We could dig out the ground to the North of the house and have the root cellar rest against the North side of the house.  One of the issues with our house is that in the past the North wall has bowed in a bit from the pressure of the land around it.  I am thinking that if I dig out the land, it will relieve that pressure so the wall can straighten back up.  Also, the presence of the root cellar there would/could continue to protect the North wall from that pressure in the future.  I like this idea because historically root cellars were on the North side of the house in order to protect against too much solar heat gain.  Also, with the root cellar being connected to the basement, it will be easily accessible no matter how bad the weather is, and it could easily be used as a storm cellar without having to run across the yard.

4.  The final idea is one that may be a bit hare-brained.  We could dig out around the pump house, thus allowing the root cellar to perform triple duty as a storm cellar and a pump house also.  With the pump house being in the root cellar, this would provide additional insulation to the piping — right now I have to turn on an incandescent bulb in the pump house when the temperatures are expected to drop below 0°.  Also, the water running through the root cellar is supposed to provide additional temperature controls — I wonder if it will contribute to maintaining humidity?


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Moving Plans

The days are slowly ticking by here.  I have a countdown until my last day at work (51 days).  And Gina has been packing up everything in the house.  I guess it is time to start laying out our plan (so our potential helpers can start making other plans).

I plan to drive the pickup truck to Nebraska on Labor Day weekend.  I will leave on 1 September and hope to arrive on 2 September.  My biggest concern is that the truck won’t want to make it the whole way and I will have car troubles.  My plan is to move the car from grandma’s garage to our house and leave the truck at our house as well.  I haven’t talked to our tenants about this yet, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble for them.  So, I will drive the truck to the farm, then need a ride to grandma’s in Ralston, then I will drive the car to the farm, then need a ride back to the airport on Monday afternoon/evening (3 September).

On Tuesday, 4 September, we have an ABF pup reserved to be dropped off at our house.  An ABF pup is a trailer that is 8’x9’x28′ and we reserved it through  We will spend the next three days loading the pup with all of our household goods.  On Friday, the pup will be picked up and will start its travels toward our farm in Sterling, NE.  I will have to return to work on the following Monday and Tuesday, so we will most likely just get a hotel room on base once our house is loaded up on the truck.  I will have my final outprocessing meeting on 11 September as well as my going-away lunch.  Then, on the morning of 12 September, I will start driving to Nebraska with my 7-month pregnant wife and our two kids.  We will take a leisurely pace and should arrive on the morning of Friday, 14 September — the same day as our ABF pup!

So, I am looking for a volunteer who might want to ride along with me on Labor Day weekend.  I am looking for someone to drive me from Sterling to Omaha twice on the 2nd or 3rd (this can be the same volunteer both times, or a different one each time).  We are also seeking volunteers to help us load the pup between the 4th and 6th.  I don’t know when the pup will come on the 4th, so the heaviest appliances will probably be loaded in the early morning hours of the 5th and the other half of the items will be loaded on the 6th.  I don’t know what time they will come to pick up the pup on the 7th, so I want to be done loading on the 6th.  Any help during these few days will be GREATly appreciated.  Then, we will also be seeking volunteers to assist with the unloading between the 14th, when the pup arrives in NE (hopefully), and the 19th, when the pup is taken away from our farmhouse.  We should have more time in Nebraska to unload, but we are looking forward to having some welcomers come out to the house with their moving clothes on.

See you then!

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Nebraska State Bar Commission

The Nebraska State Bar Commission wrote me a letter that I received yesterday! Guess what it said…

It said, “The Supreme Court has approved your application for admission.” I’m in!

Of course, as with all other steps forward, this leaves me with a choice to make about when and where I want to be sworn in. I can be sworn in here in Arizona by a co-worker who is also a judge. This would allow me to change my resume to reflect my admission. Or I could get sworn in in Tecumseh by one of the local judges, thus jump-starting my efforts to become acquainted with the local bar. Or I could wait until after the first of the year in an effort to save money (the first partial year has no bar dues).

Woo hoo! This is such a relief, because just this past week I became aware that I had not paid my dues in Texas. I went through a bit of fretting over having late bar dues while my background investigation was pending with another bar association. How bad would that look for me to have financial irresponsibility on my application because I had failed to pay bar dues on time?


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Which Super Villain Am I?

Your results:
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Which Superhero Am I?

Your results:
You are Superman

The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

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Job Search Resources

So now, just 8 months into my fruitless job search, I become aware of the resources available to me to assist in my job search:  the career services office of my law school.  I didn’t even think about them.  How can a career services office at a law school in Dallas help me get a job in Lincoln or Omaha?  Well, for starters, they may have national listings in their on-line job bank.  Also, they can request reciprocity with Creighton University and the University of Nebraska, which would mean that those universities may allow me to use their services as long as SMU agrees to allow grads from Nebraska to use SMU services. 

Anyway, new job listings abound, as well as additional outlets for me to get my resume into the hands of potential employers.  I am really beginning to think alot about the prospects of working from home.

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Flying Solo?

So, my job search continues and as my time in Arizona winds down I have started to become concerned that I won’t get a paying job by the time I get to Nebraska.  If I can’t find a paying job, then I may have to start considering self-employment, a thought that truly terrifies me.

I will be paid by the Air Force through November 25th, so I have a little time after we make it to Nebraska.  And even after I leave active duty, I should still be a reservist, so I will receive some income from the Air Force.  I have also started applying with some on-line colleges, thinking that if I can pick up a few courses, maybe I can get some more income.  Then the only other thing I would want to do is provide legal assistance to members of the local community.  Can I cobble together a living out of a bunch of smaller occupations?

I will tell you that what attracts me most to this idea is that I won’t be spending 12-15 hours a week commuting to work!  I can only imagine the freedom of such self-employment (even though it is really just many small others-employment relationships).  But there are also the concerns of whether all these small arrangements will add up to enough money and where do I go for insurance (health, life, malpractice)?  But this would also allow me to plug into the community faster (since I would be living and working in the community, not just sleeping there), and it would allow me to spend more time at the outset focusing on building up our farm.  The farm is, after all, a large part of why we chose to buy 83 acres.  Did we choose to buy, or did God irresistibly draw us to buy?

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