Oma & Opa here

Oma & Opa (my parents) are here for a brief visit before they return to the mission field.  My dad was a grocery store manager since before I can remember, but two years ago, he left that work to become a missionary.  In January of last year, he and my mom went to Ukraine on a “short-term” mission until November.  After they returned, they received all kinds of training and were approved as second-career missionaries to Ukraine.  They have been raising support and have reached the level of support they need.  Here is a link to their team’s website.  So, in one week they leave to go back to Ukraine, this time for 2-3 years (I think 2 years is the official number, 3 years is what they keep talking about).

In preparation for their return to Ukraine, my parents sold their house last month and packed all their stuff into two packrat units.  In December they plan on coming back to the States for a visit (to see their new grandchild!) and they plan to move all their stuff from Delaware to Nebraska.  That should be interesting.

We don’t really have any plans for their visit, but the kids are excited about getting to play with their grandparents.  We will be going back to the airport this morning to welcome my friend and co-worker home from Iraq, but otherwise these few days are wide open with possibilities.


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  1. tnfullquiver

    Just wanted to send a quick encouragment your way. I remember when my husband was getting out of the Navy and our baby was due 3 weeks later. Everything came down to the wire, and we still did not have a job. However, God did provide and I learned many lessons during that time. The job that my husband took provided no insurance so we were going to pay the midwife out of pocket to deliver the baby. When it was all said and done, the Navy paid the bill in full. I was so very thankful. Keep your eyes on Him, and He will make a way even when there seems to be no way!
    grace and peace,

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