Wings of Blue Tandem Jump Video

In March I had the opportunity to do a tandem jump with the Wings of Blue from the Air Force Academy. They were jumping down at Gila Bend AFAF and I got the opportunity to jump with them from 12,000 feet. What a rush! Today I finally got around to uploading the video (sorry it took me so long, Jon). The audio didn’t successfully make the move from the videotape to the computer, so I put music over the audio.




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2 responses to “Wings of Blue Tandem Jump Video

  1. Joe

    Dude – that was cool!

  2. Ken Krug

    Very cool. I was stationed at Gila Bend in 81 and also got a chance to go up with the Wings of Blue. But I didn’t jump, just along for the ride. I remember I was scared s#%-less with the door open and the plain tilted to let the jumpers out (or to just give me a scare?). It was neet to see the video of the base from above. Doesn’t look like much has changed in the desert…

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