Whizbang Garden Cart Assembly, Part 1

Caleb & I began assembling the cart this week.  I still don’t have all the parts we need, but we have started putting the parts we have together.  I put some J-bead over the top edges of the three vertical sheets of plywood.  The J-bead I found did not have holes every inch, like that shown in Herrick’s book.  I looked at Ace, Lowe’s, & Home Depot and couldn’t find J-bead with holes, so I just punched through the J-bead with a nail, then screwed through the nail-hole.

Yesterday, Caleb & I reinforced the bottom piece by attaching 1x4s at crucial locations.  This will keep the bottom piece of plywood from splintering when heavy loads are dumped in.  The next step is to attach the legs to the side pieces.  We are moving along slowly — slower than I wanted.  But then, I rarely want to work in the garage when the garage temperature is 110°!

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