Flying Solo?

So, my job search continues and as my time in Arizona winds down I have started to become concerned that I won’t get a paying job by the time I get to Nebraska.  If I can’t find a paying job, then I may have to start considering self-employment, a thought that truly terrifies me.

I will be paid by the Air Force through November 25th, so I have a little time after we make it to Nebraska.  And even after I leave active duty, I should still be a reservist, so I will receive some income from the Air Force.  I have also started applying with some on-line colleges, thinking that if I can pick up a few courses, maybe I can get some more income.  Then the only other thing I would want to do is provide legal assistance to members of the local community.  Can I cobble together a living out of a bunch of smaller occupations?

I will tell you that what attracts me most to this idea is that I won’t be spending 12-15 hours a week commuting to work!  I can only imagine the freedom of such self-employment (even though it is really just many small others-employment relationships).  But there are also the concerns of whether all these small arrangements will add up to enough money and where do I go for insurance (health, life, malpractice)?  But this would also allow me to plug into the community faster (since I would be living and working in the community, not just sleeping there), and it would allow me to spend more time at the outset focusing on building up our farm.  The farm is, after all, a large part of why we chose to buy 83 acres.  Did we choose to buy, or did God irresistibly draw us to buy?


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