Nebraska State Bar Commission

The Nebraska State Bar Commission wrote me a letter that I received yesterday! Guess what it said…

It said, “The Supreme Court has approved your application for admission.” I’m in!

Of course, as with all other steps forward, this leaves me with a choice to make about when and where I want to be sworn in. I can be sworn in here in Arizona by a co-worker who is also a judge. This would allow me to change my resume to reflect my admission. Or I could get sworn in in Tecumseh by one of the local judges, thus jump-starting my efforts to become acquainted with the local bar. Or I could wait until after the first of the year in an effort to save money (the first partial year has no bar dues).

Woo hoo! This is such a relief, because just this past week I became aware that I had not paid my dues in Texas. I went through a bit of fretting over having late bar dues while my background investigation was pending with another bar association. How bad would that look for me to have financial irresponsibility on my application because I had failed to pay bar dues on time?


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2 responses to “Nebraska State Bar Commission

  1. Kim

    Hello from Tennessee! I just “happened” upon your blog several weeks ago and was in disbelief that there was another family dreaming of Johnson County Nebraska! My husband currently has a job offer with Pietzyk Farm in Sterling/Burr and we are praying for some small acreage in that area to start our own organic family farm. My husband currently owns a landscaping business, which, Lord willing, should be sold within a few weeks. The plan is to sell our house and be in Nebraska early next year. The first time I found your blog I had to wonder if I had just met some neighbors! We are a homeschooling family with four girls ages 2 through eight and #5 due in just a few weeks. Josh will more than likely be in Sterling for harvest this fall and he would love to meet you!

  2. Well isn’t that wonderful! We are all so excited about other newcomers in the Sterling area. Of course, your situation seems to be the opposite of ours — you have a job but no house; we have a house but no job. You should also check out my wife’s website at . I told my daughter about your girls coming to Sterling and I told it was exciting for two reasons: they are also homeschooled and they will also be looking for new friends. Meagan was SO excited! We will definitely have to meet Josh in the fall. We should be in Nebraska on the 14th of September.

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