Moving Plans

The days are slowly ticking by here.  I have a countdown until my last day at work (51 days).  And Gina has been packing up everything in the house.  I guess it is time to start laying out our plan (so our potential helpers can start making other plans).

I plan to drive the pickup truck to Nebraska on Labor Day weekend.  I will leave on 1 September and hope to arrive on 2 September.  My biggest concern is that the truck won’t want to make it the whole way and I will have car troubles.  My plan is to move the car from grandma’s garage to our house and leave the truck at our house as well.  I haven’t talked to our tenants about this yet, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble for them.  So, I will drive the truck to the farm, then need a ride to grandma’s in Ralston, then I will drive the car to the farm, then need a ride back to the airport on Monday afternoon/evening (3 September).

On Tuesday, 4 September, we have an ABF pup reserved to be dropped off at our house.  An ABF pup is a trailer that is 8’x9’x28′ and we reserved it through  We will spend the next three days loading the pup with all of our household goods.  On Friday, the pup will be picked up and will start its travels toward our farm in Sterling, NE.  I will have to return to work on the following Monday and Tuesday, so we will most likely just get a hotel room on base once our house is loaded up on the truck.  I will have my final outprocessing meeting on 11 September as well as my going-away lunch.  Then, on the morning of 12 September, I will start driving to Nebraska with my 7-month pregnant wife and our two kids.  We will take a leisurely pace and should arrive on the morning of Friday, 14 September — the same day as our ABF pup!

So, I am looking for a volunteer who might want to ride along with me on Labor Day weekend.  I am looking for someone to drive me from Sterling to Omaha twice on the 2nd or 3rd (this can be the same volunteer both times, or a different one each time).  We are also seeking volunteers to help us load the pup between the 4th and 6th.  I don’t know when the pup will come on the 4th, so the heaviest appliances will probably be loaded in the early morning hours of the 5th and the other half of the items will be loaded on the 6th.  I don’t know what time they will come to pick up the pup on the 7th, so I want to be done loading on the 6th.  Any help during these few days will be GREATly appreciated.  Then, we will also be seeking volunteers to assist with the unloading between the 14th, when the pup arrives in NE (hopefully), and the 19th, when the pup is taken away from our farmhouse.  We should have more time in Nebraska to unload, but we are looking forward to having some welcomers come out to the house with their moving clothes on.

See you then!


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One response to “Moving Plans

  1. Joshua W

    My name is Joshua W. I am a father of five children, 4 girls and as of this monday at 7:48pm 1 boy.
    If you remember, My wife made contact with you a week or two ago. Her name is Kim!

    We are awaiting the sale of my landscape company and hope to be moving to the Burr,Cook,Sterling area. It seems like we have a lot in common and I hope that we could begin some correspondance.

    I am especially excited about your mention of starting a home fellowship. I know there are some good churches out there, Its just that you spend a significant amount of time on the road in order to be invloved consistently.

    I continue to trust the Lord as He leads us in this direction and can only hope that He has a plan much greater than I can imagine!

    Please feel free to email me directly.

    Thanks for the ear!

    Joshua W

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