Ultrasound Today

You may have heard already that we had our ultrasound today. Getting the ultrasound created quite a dilemma for us. We were afraid of what the results might do to us. I was convinced that the baby would be a boy because we are adopting from China, and the adopted baby is going to be a girl, so I figured we would be having a boy now since that would keep everything even in the house between the boys and the girls. Gina also seemed to buy into this reasoning. I also thought there was other evidence, mostly in the form of Gina’s morning-sickness being of the boy-baby level. I have a theory that girl hormones reek extra havoc in their mommies. Caleb thought the baby would be a boy because he desperately wants a boy to play with, even though the boy will be 8½ years younger than him. Meagan was convinced the baby would be a girl because she desperately wants a girl to play with, even though her sister will be 6 years younger than her.

I am deeply convicted that attempting to control the rate of our pregnancies (when I got a vasectomy after Meagan was born) was a ginormous mistake/error/sin. We have since given our pregnancies back to God (in the form of a vasectomy reversal done last October by Dr. Cary Leverett, evidently successful). Because of my sin and pride, my children will now have a large gap in their ages and I have cheated myself out of the opportunity for additional arrows in my quiver. We are still waiting on our adoption from China to go through as our effort to make up for some of that lost time.

Our fear with respect to the ultrasound was that Meagan would be crushed by news that the baby is a boy and Caleb would be crushed by news that the baby is a girl. Gina and I are truly just excited to finally be adding to our family again — a healthy baby was all we really need to hear about; two would be even better. So we mulled it over for the last week whether we even wanted to know.

So today we went to the appointment. We walked in and the kids were still begging to know, so we made the decision: we wanted to know what gender our baby would be. So, can you guess it? If you went to my wife’s blog, you already know.

Oh, I forgot one other piece of evidence you might find interesting. Apparently, there are some interesting people out there who believe you can divine the gender of the baby by dangling your wedding ring on a string over the inside of your wrist. If the ring swings parallel to your arm, it means that you are having a boy. If it swings perpendicular, it means you are having a girl. This trick can recount all of the mommy’s past pregnancies, and even swings in a circle for past miscarriages. So, the scientific experiment was conducted on my beloved and it revealed that my wife is having A BABY BOY!

Wrong. Abigail Ruth is at 25 weeks, 2 days and weighs approximately 2 pounds, 1 ounce.



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3 responses to “Ultrasound Today

  1. Aunt Joyce & Uncle Rich

    congratulations. very good news. Hope everyone is doing great and the children will be fine with a sister or brother. Just to see a baby will be thrilling to them. Take care and talk to you soon.

  2. A friend of mine e-mailed me the following:


    Well, you never know. A recent conversation in our fellowship went like this:

    Mom: Well children, when I have my baby what kind of baby do you think it will be?
    12 year old boy: I think it will be a boy!
    8 year old girl: No brother, it will be a girl.
    4 year old girl: I’m hoping it will be a pony.

    May the Lord bless the rest of the pregnancy.

  3. Hi,

    This is the great knowledge for today! I need to add your site to my favourite.

    Thanks again for your help 🙂

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