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Christian School

I spent my last 6 years of school in a Christian school.  It was a good experience for me and it exposed me to much truth.  It also sheltered me from many temptations that probably would have proved too much for me.  I am glad and thankful for my Christian school experience.

However, the church we have been attending has decided to started a Christian school and this saddens me.  When we started attending this church, we were intrigued by how many of the members of the church homeschooled their children.  The members of the church had formed a homeschool group that provided physical education every Friday morning, and our kids looked forward to it every week.

Homeschooling is a way of life for us and we treasure it.  We would not want to do school any other way.  We feel that our kids are getting a far superior education and they are getting it from their loving parents.  Gina reads to the kids as part of school and they regularly beg for more.  It appears, though, that most of the members of our church viewed their homeschooling as a necessary evil.  All of the families that I know of used Abeka, with the exception of one family that used Bob Jones.  My interpretation of how these programs work is that the stay-at-home parent puts in the video and the kids watch the video for hours every day.  We call this school at home, which is not the same as what we do.  But regardless, the kids are still home with at least one parent all day, every day.

We believe that providing an education is the responsibility of the parent.  We believe that in providing the homeschool environment/experience to our children, we are also providing them with an atmosphere in which they can grow strong without being buffeted by the temptations of this world — they are sheltered and I like it that way.

So, why does the foundation of a Christian school sadden me?  Because all of these families have decided to stop homeschooling, to stop spending all these hours with their own children, and ship their children off for several hours of every day to receive instruction and discipline from some other.  Now the children will come home with experiences that their parents will not have knowledge of and may not understand, and worse yet, the children may never tell their parents of many of their experiences, so the parents will not be able to assist the child in interpreting the events that occurred.

Bottom line, I see the foundation of this Christian school as tearing apart families.  The church used to be made up of strong families — that bond will be torn as a result of this Christian school.  And I am saddened by it.


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