Job Search Blues

I had applied to Kaplan for a part-time job, but yesterday I got a letter saying they don’t have a position for me. I can’t explain to you how much of a blow this was to me. Kaplan is a test preparation service — the help students prepare for standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc. I applied for the job thinking that since I don’t have a real job yet, I could combine this tutoring/teaching job with my reserve time and at least keep the mortgage paid while I try to build a client list.

On Saturday I had an audition, where I gave a short 5-minute speech. I was under the impression that I just had to prove that I could stand in front of a classroom and engage students for 5 minutes. I KNOW I can do this — I have done it at the undergraduate and graduate levels already. After the audition, there is supposed to be an interview, and I am supposed to undergo a mock exam where I prove I can score in the 90th percentile or better. I thought I had this job locked up.

But then yesterday I got a letter in the mail stating there is no position for me. Now, I am in an awkward position since I applied for a job in Nebraska and am auditioning here. But the folks at the HQ in NYC thought this would work. So I did the audition here at there advice; they wanted me to try to complete the application process so I could start training as soon as I got to Nebraska. Today I will try to figure out what happened — did I fail the audition? Or did the guy who sent the letter not understand that I was applying for a job elsewhere?

Also, I had started applying to Edward D. Jones a few weeks ago and they have really been attempting to contact me over the last couple weeks. I had started applying, but then I had some conversations with other folks and started to think that maybe I don’t want to work for a company where I would be trying to sell financial products that might not be in the client’s best interests.

I don’t feel led to recontacting Edward D. Jones right now; I did feel good about the Kaplan opportunity. What now?

Oh, only 29 more days!


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2 responses to “Job Search Blues

  1. For what it’s worth, I know of a woman ( a certified ateacher) who is now working for a company from her home toutoring children by way of her home computer (in the evenings). I don’t know how it works but her husband (who I work with) says she is making good money and really enjoys what she is doing. Have you heard of this? Perhaps it would be a possibility for you.

  2. That sounds similar to what I want to do through Kaplan. I am waiting right now until I get up to NE to restart the application process. I would be interested in learning more about who she works for — working from home is always good.

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