Homeschool PE Program

I am going to try to be more serious about our homeschool PE program this year.  Last year, we were part of a cooperative PE effort (Vision Homeschool) and I allowed that to fill the box for PE.  This year, however, the majority of the Vision Homeschool folks have formed a christian school, besides which we are moving in less than a month.  So now I get to see if I can focus my efforts on helping my children learn to love fitness.

This morning, we did a pre-test of sorts, in which I took them out to the track and asked them both to run/walk a mile as fast as they could.  I told both of them about trying to pace themselves, and it was their fourth time out to the track, although they had never tried to run four straight laps before.  The fitness test is actually made up of 4 components:  flexibility, cardio, abdominal strength, and arm/shoulder strength.  There are three basic fitness levels:  competitor, challenger, and champion.  Both kids tested today at the competitor level (meaning they didn’t reach the challenger level in all four categories.

Caleb ran his mile in 13:20 (he needs 12:00 for challenger level); scored less than zero on the flexibility (he needs 1.0 for challenger); and did not do any situps or pullups.

Meagan ran her mile in 16:11 (her goal is 15:00 for challenger); scored four inches on the flexibility test (which is what she needs for champion level); and did 8 situps and was too nervous to do the flexed-arm hang.

I hope to be able to take the time to spend with the kids throughout the year to help them improve their fitness level.  Both kids are very excited about reaching the champion level, although they also express amazement at what that would mean they would have to do (they both see pain in their futures).


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