Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

Yesterday, Caleb & my beloved wife Gina were talking about how well they knew me.  As a part of this discussion, Caleb listed things he knew about me:

  • dramatic
  • strong
  • uses excuses to get his way
  • a little weird
  • likes to play with me
  • lets me do stuff
  • gives advice
  • does stuff with me

Meagan, not to be outdone, decided to make her own list of what she knows about Daddy:

  • loves me
  • he’s my Daddy
  • plays with me
  • plays house
  • he’s handsome
  • wants to play Settlers of Catan
  • he loves Mama

There you have it — the most complete description of me by two wonderful people who claim to know me pretty well.  Maybe I could include this information on my résumé;  I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem finding a job if the prospective employer knew all that about me.

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