Whizbang Garden Cart



Caleb & I finished building our Whizbang Garden Cart and used it for the first time this morning. I decided to paint it with some left over exterior paint we had laying around. I had been, and may still be, hoping to paint some designs on it like an old hippie VW bus-van. The construction was fairly easy to follow, although at first I was following blindly until I figured out what was going on. It is very solidly constructed, well balanced, and I love the wheels.


Unfortunately, I still live in the Valley of the Sun and my backyard is as agrarian of a setting as I can find at this point. In just a few short weeks, our Whizbang Garden Cart will be in the most agrarian of agrarian settings, when it makes it to our farm in Nebraska! I can’t wait — we are less than three weeks away!




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3 responses to “Whizbang Garden Cart

  1. Hi Don & Caleb,

    That’s a sharp looking cart! Very nice job.

    I’m sure it will be a very useful tool on your new farm.

    But I don’t see the handle. It works better with a handle. 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Herrick Kimball

  2. Ah, yes — the handle. I thought about including a statement about the handle, but I didn’t want to draw attention to it. But, since you mentioned it, I have a wooden rod that must be in my things in Nebraska that I think will work perfectly for the handle, so I am waiting until I get to Nebraska to add the handle to the cart. I am sure it will make the cart more managable, but it truly is a remarkably easily maneuvered cart now, even without the handle.

  3. Hi Don,

    I’m looking for your e-mail but can’t find it. So I’ll have to use this reply feature to contact you. Can you send me an e-mail with your new mailing address. I have the old Arizona address but not the new nebraska address.

    Many thanks,

    Herrick Kimball

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