Phase 1 of Travel Complete

Phase 1 of our move to Sterling, Nebraska, is complete. We have loaded the pick-up truck and it was driven to NE over the Labor Day weekend. Here is what I wrote about my plan (although I never published it before:

The Ford truck will be driven to Nebraska one of these weekends by Gina’s dad, Dale, and I. We are planning to take two days to cover the distance, and I plan to load the truck up with some bulky items that would take up alot of room in the ABF truck but don’t need so much protection from the elements. Some definite items for the truck bed include: the gas grill, chicken plucker, garden cart, wheelbarrow, possibly garden tools (sledge, shovels, etc), patio furniture, kids outdoor toys, and possibly Caleb’s punching bags (at least the bases). I will want to cover these with a tarp and tie them down with ratcheting tie-downs. I can also put other tools into the toolbox, and fill the cab of the truck with other sensitive items (perhaps two of our long arms that I don’t have any ammunition for and some of the photo albums).

Here is a picture of what finally made it onto the truck (1380 pounds worth):


I didn’t quite make it to my planned capacity. I wasn’t able to load all of the patio furniture, nor did either of Caleb’s punching bags make it onto the truck.

On Monday I drove out to the farm and I talked to our tenant and it looks like he will be out of the house at about the same time that we get there.  Almost there!

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