Back to Work

The truck was totally unloaded on Saturday, and Monday I went back to work.  I started the Nebraska Corrections Training Program on 24 September.  I have completed the first two weeks and I think I am the second-best student in the class, just one point behind the leader.  On Tuesday we have another test and I will see if I can catch him then.  The training on most days has been incredibly boring — just 8 hours of classroom lectures.  But occasionally I am terrified by the thought of working in a prison, especially when we talk about deadly force assaults on staff and communicable diseases.  However, we also get some very helpful training, including 8 hours of CPR, defibrillator, and first aid training last Monday.  This Thursday will be my first chance to step into the prison since we have our first day of OJT.  And next Monday and Tuesday (15 & 16 October) will be our days for learning personal protection techniques.  I will spend the rest of next week (17-19 October) and two days the following week (23-24 October) back in the prison for more OJT.  Graduation is set for 26 October.

Check out this sunrise:


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