House for Sale

There is a house for sale down the street.  It is a nice-looking place, with 5.89 acres and many outbuildings.  The owner is asking $125,000.  Following are some pictures.


This picture shows the garage, which is an over-sized two-car just a few steps from the back door.


Following we have a large barn.  The windmill in front of it was turning when we took this picture, but I don’t know if it was connected to anything.


Next up is another picture of the front of the house, showing some buildings behind the house.


The building at right in this picture is the same as the barn in the earlier picture, then there are the other two sheds.


There are several more buildings behind the house.  Notice the beautiful lawn this guy kept.


Finally, off to the north there are a few older buildings and a beautiful rolling pasture.  It didn’t look like this was part of the property, but it did look like some pretty scenery.


Come join us in southeast Nebraska!  We would love to have some more like-minded neighbors.


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