Chicken relocation


As I mentioned earlier, we had been keeping our chickens in the basement of our house. They were quickly growing, starting to really stink, and creating a ton of dust for us. They were also getting quite crowded.


So for their three-week birthday, we gave them a new house. They have been sucessfully moved out into their own home (coop).  In moving them out, we attempted to plug most of the holes in the building (except for the cat door).  We replaced all of the sash windows.  We laid out some straw for bedding material.  We hung their warming lights, food, and water from the rafters, and we began setting up roosts.  They seem to be happy so far, although it is a bit cold outside still.  They should get hardier as time goes by.  The following picture shows the cat area behind the chicks.


Checking on them is a bit harder now, but they have somewhere between 3.5 square feet per bird now, much better than the 1/3 sq ft they had in my basement.

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