Garage Construction

One of the activities we have been doing in our spare time has been to build a garage.  I had been doing the framing whenever I got a few hours of daylight and it wasn’t raining.  I had been working 6am – 6pm Monday through Friday, so there weren’t many daylight hours.  Then, we got something like 16 inches of rain in October, leaving few days when things were dry.  But last Saturday, we had some help graciously come by to help me stand up the walls we had built.  Our help included our wonderful neighbors to the South:  Robert, Lesa, Daniel, Hannah, Jacob, Caleb, and Samuel.  We were also helped quite a bit by Gina’s Uncle Rob and her cousin’s husband, Terry, and Terry’s son, Tate.



We hope to continue the work started last Saturday by putting up the trusses today, starting at 9:00 am.  Although I must confess, I am not quite ready for the help to arrive.  So I better get out there and start working.

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