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Garage Construction, part 2

This weekend’s garage-building did not go quite as well as planned.  Terry came to help in the morning, and together we worked a bit on side sheathing and we built the ladders for the gable-end overhangs.  About the time that my neighbors Daniel, Hannah, and Elizabeth showed up, though, he had to leave.  The four of us then started putting up the 16 trusses that will hold up the garage roof.  This is where our troubles began.  We weren’t sure (and still aren’t sure) of how to anchor the end trusses.  So we spent our time working on the common trusses that occupy the center of the garage.  We worked out a system of swing them skyward and nailing them in place using the anchors provided with the kit, but what we didn’t do, that we should have done, was to verify that each truss was standing vertical before we started nailing.  All of the trusses have a lean to the South.  We didn’t recognize the problem until we tried loading the first sheet of OSB on to the roof.  When I realized the extent of the problem, I threw in the towel for the night (it was 9:00 and I was quite tired), even though I would be losing the help of Daniel.

On Sunday, we did church at home in the morning, I did a little work on the garage, but it was quite windy, so we drove to Lincoln in the afternoon to order Gina’s kitchen (it was the last day to get in on a special deal).  During the little bit of time that I worked on the garage, I managed to straighten one of the trusses and nail the sheet of OSB onto it.  So I think there are now three trusses that are standing close to vertical, at least in the bottom 4 feet.  I really need someone to help me by either straightening the trusses while I nail or by nailing as I straighten the trusses.  I also need another ladder because I can’t stand dragging the ladder back and forth, especially since the ladder doesn’t fit through the door of the garage.

This isn’t what I had planned for my 100th post (I had nothing in particular planned, but I certainly didn’t plan on whining).  As my Mom always said:  “This too shall pass.”

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