Still Waiting for a Baby

I think I must lack patience, because as I look back over the last year or so, I realize that I have talked alot about waiting.  Waiting for the purchase of our house, waiting for the adoption, waiting to get out of the Air Force, waiting still for our baby Abby, waiting now to get into the Air Force Reserve.  We never thought we would be two days from the due date and still waiting for our baby.  Both of our earlier babies were born in hospitals and Gina was induced early (6 days early for Caleb & 2 weeks early for Meagan).  Last Saturday, the midwife told us that the head was engaged and that she didn’t expect us to make it to the next appointment without calling her.  On Monday morning, Gina woke up with some contractions, but they went away eventually.  She has had nearly constant Braxton-Hicks (sp?) contractions.

The last two days I have made some good progress on the garage, which is a much larger project than I had realized.  I have finished sheathing the walls and yesterday, with the help of Hannah & Lizzie, we nearly finished sheathing the roof.  I plan to finish sheathing the roof this morning and possibly getting the gable-end supports up this morning.  On Saturday morning, I will want to tack on the fascia and rake boards, tack on the fascia drip edge, roll out the roofing felt (I’ll need staples that fit my staple gun), and tack on the rake drip edge.

The problem with this plan is I was thinking of changing from a turbine vent to a ridgeline vent.  I would need to spend some time in Lincoln in order to accomplish this, and I don’t know when I plan on making it to Lincoln.  Maybe I could just install a vent in the gable end, underneath the overhang, something louvered.  That should provide adequate ventilation without creating all the issues of cutting through the roof and helping my roof to leak.

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