Garage Construction, part 3

Still no baby.

Garage construction has been creeping along. I don’t think I realized how proportionately small the work to put up the skeleton of the garage was, compared to the actual completing of the job. It took far longer than I expected to get the garage sheeted. And I thought rolling out the roofing felt would fly by, but it also took longer than one day (I can only work about 3-4 hours in a day due to work). I am now, though, to the point of nailing on shingles and I see that there is a possibility of snow on Wednesday. Looks like I won’t be beating the weather.


Above is a photo from our day of putting up the trusses, taken by my neighbor, Robert Becker, the photographer for the Lincoln newspaper.


Another photo of putting up trusses by the same famous photographer.

With abundant help from Hannah & Lizzie, Caleb & Meagan, and Terry, we have completed 90% of the sheeting on the garage, have attached the fascia and rake, have attached the drip edges and have rolled out the felt paper on the roof. Tonight I nearly completed the first three rows of shingles. Following is a picture of the front of the garage from about a week ago:


And a photo of Terry, Daniel, & I discussing attaching the fascia:


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