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Women Silent in the Church

Yesterday, I pondered for a while the command of I Corinthians 14:34, namely that “Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.”  I have often wondered about this topic, but have never taken the time to think it through.  A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to have a breakthrough in my thoughts on this topic.  This is a tough topic for me because I have always appreciated the insight that women have into various topics.  Flat out, I believe that men and women are different and have different perspectives on many topics.  The insight women have is often valuable, so the thought of excluding them from teaching roles was hard enough to bear, but this says that women should be ‘silent’ in the church.

First, there is something to be said for just being obedient and submitting to the Word of God.  There are many instructions in the Bible that may not make a whole lot of sense, but when we just obey God, there is blessing that flows from it.  A few examples:  Old Testament hygiene laws — many of these laws are actually quite beneficial to the health and welfare of a community, but modern science didn’t understand until just recently (within the last 100 years or so);  Tithing — it is counterintuitive to think that giving away at least 10% of your income will free you from bondage to money, but it does; and Headcoverings(?).

Second, the typical argument in favor of obeying this instruction is that if women are silent in the church, this allows man to step forward and exercise his God-given authority.  God set man as the spiritual leader of his household.  This is not a task that many men accept and perform, probably because of feelings of inadequacy.  Most men would rather someone else stepped forward and took charge and led family devotions.  The same is true at church.  Men would rather fade into the background than step forward and lead as they are called to lead.  So if the men lean against the walls of the church and a woman steps forward to lead, they are all relieved, in their own minds, of their obligation to lead.  In reality, they are robbed of their opportunity to lead.

The other week, it was made clear to me the further implications of women being silent in the church.  I was at a meeting of men (the leadership) at a small church and there was some discussion about how to run something in the church.  This was a meeting of men because this church believed and practiced that it was the men who were to run the church.  There was some discussion, but then it was realized that there should be input from the children on this matter, as well as the mothers.  So all the men agreed to go home and discuss it with their families and return the following week for further discussion on the topic.

Do you see it?  If a woman is silent in the church, this encourages discussion at home because that is the woman’s way to be heard.  If a woman is silent in the church, this brings families closer together and helps families to model the plan laid out by Paul.  The father listens to the desires and concerns of his family, but then he decides what inputs to give to the church community.

I don’t have answers.  These are just my thoughts.  In fact, I probably have more questions than answers.  Like, what about music?  I wrote some of my thoughts down while listening to a very good female musician perform at a local church.  Does woman’s silence in the church mean that women cannot lead worship?  Does it mean they can’t participate?  There is no exception in the scriptures, but there are few things that show the glory of God better than a woman’s voice singing.

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Winter Solstice

My parents have been here three full days already, and we have gotten some work done.

In the kitchen, we have installed wallboard along the East wall and Gina has painted a first coat of paint (it will need a second coat).  We had to remove a few electric lines and move one electric socket in the process, but we should be ready to hang some wall cabinets by Monday morning.

No work has been done on the garage.  It is still covered in ice and snow, negating any hope of working on the roof.  But it is a convenient place to cut up wallboard.  We did manage to move the doors and windows indoors, so they are no longer covered in ice and snow, but I don’t think there will be time to get windows or doors installed during Dad’s visit.

Last night, on the spur of the moment, we decided to celebrate the Winter Solstice by opening presents.  There were many happy faces at all the gifts exchanged.  Gina got a beehive, gloves, and smoker from me, slippers from Meagan, and towels from Caleb.  Caleb got a medieval battle axe from Grandpa, a $20 Orscheln’s gift card and $30 cash from Oma & Opa, three throwing knives and a Treehouse book from Gina & I, a few really cool gifts from Uncle Sean & Aunt Marlaina, and a Hardy Boys book from Meagan.  Meagan got a three-pack of musicals on DVD from Grandpa, a $20 Orscheln’s gift card and some Ukrainian gifts from Oma & Opa, a doll bed and some doll dress patterns from Gina & I, a stamp and color set from Uncle Sean & Aunt Marlaina, and a latch hook project from Caleb.  I received a wood-burning stove and a wave of Heroscape figures from Gina, Meagan got me chocolate-covered blueberries, Caleb gave me a key holder for my belt at work, Sean & Marlaina gave me two card games (Pit & Bible Mad Gab).  Gina & I were also blessed with a $200 gift card to Orscheln’s from my parents, and a ‘gift card’ good for one milk cow from Gina’s dad.  The kids also were given $250 to buy animals for Christmas from their Grandpa.  Gina & I were supposed to buy these animals already, but we haven’t found the right animals yet.

The real highlight, though, has been unloading Dad’s ABF pups.  We had two ABF pups delivered on Thursday and we tore into them early.  The truck that brought the two pups had quite a bit of trouble negotiating my driveway in the snow and ice.  He ended up putting chains on and tearing up my driveway a bit trying to get back out of it.  In the end, we have the two pups in an acceptable position.  Yesterday, it was our goal to get the Mustang unloaded and into the barn, because we wanted it to be stored as far forward as possible.  We went down to my neighbor, Vernon Hazen, because he has lots of cars and stuff in his yard so we hoped he might have the equipment to help us lower the Mustang four feet.  We talked a bit about getting a roll-off, but the closest one is 25 miles away and he wanted to charge $125 to come out and move the Mustang 200 feet.  Our neighbor said he could do it — his flatbed trailer is three feet high, so we could just roll the Mustang down off the ABF pup (4 feet high) onto the flatbed using some ‘bridge planks’.  Then, he could reposition the trailer and we could roll the Mustang off the trailer and into the barn.   So that is what we went with.  He showed up with two other neighbors, Omer (unsure of first name spelling or what his last name was) and Roger Wusk.  Omer lives a few miles away, but Roger is, I think, our closest neighbor at just 1/2 a mile to the north.  In fact, Roger’s grandfather, John Wusk built the house I am living in now.  Roger brought his tractor, and we used it to pick up the engine off the ABF pup and carry the engine over to the barn.  It was amazing to see them all descend on our home and accomplish their mission, helping out their new neighbors.  We feel very blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.

Today we plan to work through the 25 mph winds and freezing temperatures and possible 1-2 inches of snow to get the truck unloaded.  Tomorrow we plan to go to Lincoln for church, Fremont to visit family, and back to Lincoln to visit family.  On Monday and Tuesday I have to work, but I hope to visit the Beckers one of those days and work in the Kitchen on the other day.  Wednesday I would like to either slaughter chickens or work more in the kitchen.

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Massacre at Coop’s Corner

Yesterday, Caleb discovered the remains of this terrible massacre.  There were three dead on our side and no evidence that I could discern of who was on the other side.  We lost three chickens to something over the last week or so, but only discovered all three bodies today.  I need to use the term bodies loosely, since I only know it was three chickens because we found a total of six legs.

The only discernible evidence was our mouser, Chief Wahoo, was digging into the cavity of the one bird carcass we did find.  At first I thought that Chief was the culprit, but now I’m not so sure.  Chief did not like my reaction to finding her feasting on a chicken, but I think she has gotten over it.

I should have gotten some photos, but the scene was fairly gory.

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Plan for the next week

My parents are coming to town tomorrow, so I thought I should lay out a plan for their visit.

18 – Parents arrive in Omaha.  I work, so Gina & the kids will pick them up.

19 – Time to get to work.  I have the day off, so we should process about 17 cockrels and 1 pullet.  The pullet has been having trouble being pecked and is missing almost all of her tail feathers now.  She has twice been a bloody mess.  For the processing, we need a way to hang the chickens while they bleed, and a way to keep water warm for the scalding.  We will also use the Whizbang Chicken Plucker I built to remove any chicken feathers.  I would rather do this in the afternoon when it will be warmest (forecasted high of 41 with 30% chance of snow).  We could go to Lincoln in the morning to pick up 1/4″ drywall or wallboard for the kitchen.

20 – Another day off for me.  I would like to get drywall up in the kitchen and clean out the barn.

21 – Third day off.  The ABF pups should be delivered today.  We will want them backed in so they face the barn and can be easily unloaded.  We will probably spend Friday and Saturday unloading the pups into the barn.

22 – Fourth day off.  Spend the day unloading pups into the barn.

23 – Last day off.  We could visit a PCA church in Lincoln (for my parents’ sake).  Then perhaps we could do some visiting in Lincoln and/or Fremont.

24 – Christmas eve.  I will be home in the morning.  Perhaps in the afternoon Gina and the folks could go to Omaha to visit family.

25 – Christmas day.  Yeah!  What a fun day this should be!

26 – Another day off.  It would be nice to put up some wall cabinets before my Dad leaves.

27 – My last day off but also the day my folks leave for NM.  I would rather work an overtime shift than have to drive them to the airport, but we shall see what is expected of me.

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Sick & Tired

Gina is recovering nicely from her C-section two weeks ago today.  And Abigail is just the perfect little baby.  She rarely cries and seems content to just be with us.  We love it when she opens her eyes and looks around.  What a princess!

I, however, have been sick for the last week.  I think the stress of dealing with Abby’s birth and caring for both Gina & Abby caught up with me.  Hopefully I will get better over the next two days, before I have to return to work.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Omaha for the day to meet with Abby’s doctor for her two-week appointment and to visit with Gina’s grandmother.  I also plan to stop in with some attorneys that Dale knows and see if they can tell me anything.

Work has been going okay.  Normally it is fairly quiet and I don’t have much to do all day, but the last week has been very busy for me, including a few serious rules infractions that I have uncovered.  It has been exciting, although it hasn’t led to many accolades or anything.

We got the bill for Abby’s birth, and it was a little over $12,000 for Gina and about $1500 for Abby.  The Abby expenses were ridiculous, including an amount for the nursery, which we rarely used, and an expensive hearing test, which we never wanted nor authorized.  Obviously, the expenses for Gina were bloated as well.  This whole ordeal has really called into question how I feel about insurance.  I had been thinking that health insurance was an unnecessary expense that we could drop.  My insurance premiums are $3300/year, with a maximum out-of-pocket of $8000 for the family.  I had been thinking we are all relatively healthy and rarely ever want to go to the doctor’s.  If we discontinue insurance and pay on a cash basis, surely we could save money.  Plus, insurance doesn’t cover alot of the non-traditional healthcare approaches we would like to try, like chiropractors and midwives.  Then this C-section hit us.  I never thought I would be looking at a $16000 bill for this delivery;  I always thought I would only be paying $2000 for a midwife.  I wonder how much that bill would have been if we weren’t insured.

Ah, well, it’s too late now, anyway.  I already signed up for health insurance through 2008.

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